Dimensity 1200 chip released Redmi new flagship will debut

On January 20, MediaTek held a press conference and officially launched the Dimensity flagship 5G mobile chip-Dimensity 1200. At the same time, Lu Weibing, general manager of Xiaomi’s Redmi brand, also made an appearance at the press conference and announced that Redmi’s new flagship will use Dimensity 1200 chips, and will launch Redmi’s first flagship gaming phone in 2021.

Dimensity 1200 is still a very powerful product, based on TSMC’s 6-nanometer advanced manufacturing process, the CPU adopts a 1+3+4 flagship three-plex architecture design, including an Arm Cortex-A78 super core with a main frequency of up to 3.0GHz. With nine-core GPU, six-core MediaTek APU 3.0, and dual-channel UFS 3.1, the platform performance is greatly improved. The integrated MediaTek 5G modem has passed the TÜV Rheinland certification that covers 6 dimensions and 72 scenarios. It supports high-performance 5G connections and brings users a high-quality 5G networking experience in all scenarios.

Dimensity 1200 is also a chip optimized for games, equipped with the newly upgraded MediaTek HyperEngine 3.0 game optimization engine, which brings many industry-leading innovations in network, control, intelligent load, and image quality performance. HyperEngine 3.0’s network optimization engine can realize dual-sim parallel game calls under 5G network connection, and the super hotspot and high-speed rail game modes are optimized for different game environments, effectively reducing game network latency and lag. The HyperEngine 3.0 control optimization engine ensures that the multi-finger touch time report runs at a stable high frame rate, and is the first to support the upcoming Bluetooth LE Audio (Bluetooth Low Energy Audio) standard. The intelligent load control engine adds high brush power saving for games, smart healthy charging, and Wi-Fi 6 power saving mode to balance performance and power consumption, and extend battery life and battery life.

At the same time, Dimensity 1200 also supports ray tracing, bringing end game rendering to mobile terminals, providing game manufacturers, developers, and terminals with powerful graphics processing capabilities, and bringing mobile game players with real game screens.

In terms of image experience, Dimensity 1200 can achieve up to 200 million pixel photography and supports MediaTek’s advanced AI multimedia technology, including rapid night shooting, triple exposure single-frame progressive 4K HDR video technology (Staggered HDR), AI SDR to HDR technology , Which can provide users with richer image creation methods and more refined mobile visual enjoyment.

Next, Redmi will release this chip for the world’s first time. I believe it will also bring us good prices and excellent products.