Discount purchase in the opening season of Microsoft Store! Surface Laptop Go is worth buying

The large-scale series “Beginning of School” has been released in various parts of the country. When we were young, the bookcases, stationery, notebooks and pens that we needed when we started school were must-buy school supplies. At the university level, the demand is very different, especially with the progress of the times, the learning style of university students is also changing accordingly. A more efficient laptop has become standard for students, so during the beginning of each year, Many brands of notebook manufacturers not only launched a variety of new products, but also a variety of promotional offers, as well as multiple gifts, which indeed brought benefits to our students. As a major international manufacturer, Microsoft China Mall also brings a variety of product promotions, including the Surface series that everyone loves, hurry up and take a look.

Although Microsoft is a software company, since 2012 when Microsoft launched the Surface series completely designed by itself, it has quickly been welcomed by the market. “Tian brand” notebooks have become a product that many consumers want to own, but Microsoft has launched Notebooks are mainly high-end, and their prices are generally relatively high, which discourages many student parties who want to experience the Surface. So Microsoft launched the Surface Laptop Go, which is more affordable.

Surface Laptop Go is equivalent to the youth version of Surface Laptop, inheriting the excellent design of Surface. The A side of Surface Laptop Go is made of metal material, and the delicate frosting process is very comfortable to the touch. Surface Laptop Go uses a 12.4-inch screen with a resolution of 1536×1024 and supports touch.

Thanks to the small size design, the Surface Laptop Go can weigh 1110g and the thickness is only 15.69mm. For the student party, the Surface Laptop Go is a portable learning tool. Although the main usage scenarios of the Surface Laptop Go are more about learning and office, Microsoft still knows the performance requirements. The 10th generation Intel Core processor on the Surface Laptop Go is more than enough for daily office and learning.

In terms of interfaces, the Surface Laptop Go is equipped with USB-C, a USB-A, a Surface Connect interface and a headphone jack, which are enough to meet the daily needs of the student population. In addition, the Surface Laptop Go is equipped with a more secure and convenient fingerprint recognition function. The only catch is that the Surface Laptop Go has only 4GB and 8GB of memory options, but if you don’t have a high-intensity usage scenario, 8GB of memory is enough to deal with various usage scenarios.

Compared with the high price of the Surface Laptop, the Surface Laptop Go is priced more affordable. The 4GB+64GB version is priced at 4,388 yuan (USD $627) , the 8GB+128GB version is priced at 5,488 yuan (USD $784) , and the 8GB+256GB version is priced at 6,888 yuan (USD $984) . For students, if you complete a large number of learning scenarios online, and learning materials are used to store them on a network disk, then I highly recommend buying the 4GB+64GB version, so that you can experience the Microsoft Surface series for only 4388 yuan (USD $627) Sophisticated design.

If you have a greater need for storage capacity and your budget is limited, then Microsoft’s official store is now holding educational promotions, which is a great opportunity to get started, especially the Surface Laptop Go series supports 24 installments of interest-free payment, every time The minimum monthly repayment is about 182.83 yuan (USD $26) , and the purchase pressure is greatly reduced.

In addition, you can also buy practical accessories related to Surface Laptop Go. If you need Surface Laptop Go to connect more peripherals, you can choose this Surface docking station launched by Microsoft, which can be extended to 4 Type-C interfaces through the Surface Connect interface. And two USB-A ports, a 3.5 headphone jack and a Gigabit Ethernet port, and support 199W power input, as a result, the scalability of your Surface Laptop Go will become very comprehensive.

If you still need to use a laptop for screen projection, you can also choose Microsoft’s official Type-C docking station, which can expand your Type-C interface into an HDMI, a VGA, a Type-C, a USB-A and an Ethernet Cable interface. The price will also be much cheaper than the docking station that supports Surface Connect.

For many students, they always hope that their holidays can be longer, but learning is a necessary way in life. We should choose to pack up and embark on the journey of the future. With the company of Surface Laptop Go, learning and querying materials can bring you more convenience and efficiency, and make your study life more relaxed and happy. Pay attention to Microsoft China Mall and choose a Surface product you like!