DNF mobile game bounces Black Shark 3S to increase "Tianya Mingyuedao/Under the Great Map" game subsidy

Home of iMobile mobile phones, October 14th. When the Black Shark 3S mobile phone was released in August, Black Shark used DNF (Dungeon and Warrior Mobile Games) 300 yuan (USD $43) subsidy as a preferential selling point, but because Tencent Games officially became official. It was announced that "Dungeon and Warriors Mobile Games" had a skipped ticket, so this selling point was naturally shelved.

And just a few days ago, the Black Shark gaming phone officially announced that due to the extension of DNF, subsidies for two new games, "The End of the World" and "Under the Great Map" have been added to the corresponding promotions, indicating that all Black Shark 3S users can Recognize the quota (one subsidy for each unit, the subsidy benefits remain unchanged). If you successfully recognize and meet the conditions of the activity, you can receive a WeChat red envelope subsidy of up to 300 yuan (USD $43) , for a total of 10,000 places.

The rules of the activity are shown in the attached picture below, and users of Black Shark 3S can grab it.