Does iPhone 12 look like this? Accessories manufacturers release iPhone 12 accessories posters

This morning, accessory manufacturer Benks announced a series of peripheral accessories for iPhone 12, and said that these products will be on the shelves in September. more importantly. The promotional poster shows a multi-angle rendering of the iPhone 12.

Like the previous revelations, the iPhone 12 will use a straight-edge middle frame design, and the front will still be notch. On the back of the camera part, iPhone 12 will adopt a matrix design and triangular arrangement similar to the previous generation.

It is reported that some accessory manufacturers will receive the size information of the new phone before the product is released, so the approximate outline of the iPhone 12 should be similar to the picture above. However, some details are yet to be confirmed, such as the shape of bangs, screen borders and so on.

Combined with currently known information, iPhone 12 will also have A14 processor, 5G, LiDAR sensor (top version), newly upgraded camera, longer battery life and other features. In terms of screens, the entire system uses OLED screens, but the expected 120Hz high refresh screen may be absent.