Does the iPhone 12 Pro prototype look like this? System is on

Recalling the arrival of the iPhone 12 series, the brand-new color schemes and designs are eye-catching. Even though it has been months since the release, the popularity is still very high. Recently, a prototype called the iPhone 12 Pro was exposed on the Internet, causing heated discussions.

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This iPhone 12 Pro prototype was exposed by overseas netizens, and it is different from the current iPhone 12 Pro in terms of appearance and interior.

According to the exposed pictures, the iPhone 12 Pro prototype uses a darker navy blue color scheme, and the frame of the highlight part has become more textured due to the refraction of light, and it looks very good.

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But the biggest difference is internally, the icon displayed on this machine is not the same as the existing iOS. According to netizens, the iPhone 12 Pro prototype uses the SwitchBoard system, which is Apple’s internal test system.

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It is reported that the SwitchBoard system is used for hardware testing and is only used internally by Apple, including testing software such as BurnIn and GrapeCal.

It can be seen that Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro prototype looks very good overall. What do you think?