Domestic 5G mobile phone sales report released, over 100 million sold in 9 months

Recently, the China Institute of Communications Technology Information released the domestic mobile phone sales from January to September this year. As the world's most competitive mobile phone market, the domestic 5G development speed is also extremely rapid. From the first quarter to the ninth quarter of this year, the total domestic mobile phone sales were 225.6 million units, of which 5G mobile phone sales were 107.7 million units, accounting for 47.5% of shipments.

From the overall data point of view, mobile phone shipments from January to September this year fell by 21% year-on-year, but except for the more serious decline in February, the sales decline in other periods is not particularly high. Data from the China Institute of Communications Technology Information also shows that 92.4% of the domestic 5G mobile phone shipments in September were domestically produced, and 91.3% from January to September.

The reason why domestic 5G mobile phone shipments can account for such a high proportion is also because overseas mobile phone brands have not been able to launch competitive 5G mobile phones this year. Although Samsung's Galaxy S20 series and Note20 series have relatively high configuration, the price is too expensive, and the Galaxy A series 5G mobile phones are not competitive in China.

However, this situation may change from October, because Apple released its first 5G mobile phone iPhone 12 series. As the king of the global flagship market, the iPhone 12 series is bound to cause another wave of replacements among Apple users. In addition, double 11 is coming soon, major manufacturers will launch many preferential activities to drive the sales of 5G mobile phones. Therefore, the proportion of 5G mobile phone shipments this year will further increase.