Domestic products and price reduction promote model 3 rush to buy more than 1000 vehicles per day

After the first delivery of the domestic model 3 after price reduction, domestic consumers can’t wait to join the rush to buy.  

&”On the afternoon of the announcement of the price adjustment, Tesla’s website crashed three times. &”After the price adjustment of domestic model 3 was announced, the customer flow of the store was also significantly increased several times than in the past, and now the daily booking volume of domestic model 3 has exceeded 1000, which is in short supply completely,” Tesla offline store sales staff told the future auto daily.

The above-mentioned salesperson added that the subsidy may be cancelled after March, and everyone wants to buy before the cancellation of the subsidy. At present, there is no production position for domestic model 3 black and red models. It can only be mentioned in the second quarter of 2020 at the earliest, and the production of other color models will be delivered as much as possible.

On January 3, Tesla officially announced that the price of domestic model 3 basic vehicles was reduced from 355800 yuan (USD $50829) to 323800 yuan (USD $46257) from now on. According to the current national policy, the whole model 3 can enjoy the purchase tax exemption policy and the new energy subsidy amount of 24750 yuan (USD $3536) . The price of domestic model 3 after subsidy is 29905 yuan (USD $4272) .

At the same time, Tesla also adjusted the paint color and wheel hub selection price of the whole model 3. Among them, pure black car paint is adjusted from 9500 yuan (USD $1357) to free, pearl white, cold light silver and deep sea blue are adjusted to 8000 yuan (USD $1143) . China’s red car paint has also been reduced from 18900 yuan (USD $2700) to 8000 yuan (USD $1143) . 19 inch sports hub reduced from 14200 yuan (USD $2029) to 6000 yuan (USD $857) . At the same time, the family charging service package of model 3 is optional. According to the latest sales policy, the family charging service package is priced at 8000 yuan (USD $1143) .

Tesla Shanghai Super plant has met the production requirements in only 10 months since the ground breaking in January 2019. Among them, the production capacity of phase I plant is 250000 vehicles / year, with a total production capacity target of 500000 vehicles / year, which has reached a production speed of over 3000 vehicles / week.

It is reported that the localization rate of domestic model 3 parts in the early stage is 30%, which will reach 70% in 2020, and it is expected to achieve 100% localization rate by the end of the year. This means that with the increase of localization rate of parts, the terminal price of domestic model 3 still has room to be lowered.

On the afternoon of January 7, Tesla CEO Elon & middot; musk visited the delivery site of domestic model 3 and delivered the key to the owner. At the same time of the & ldquo; massacre & rdquo; price reduction, Tesla did not stop the pace of expansion. Musk said that another domestic model y of the & ldquo; walk away & rdquo; model was officially put into production.