Dongfeng Honda officially announced the official nickname of LIFE: Laifu Sauce​

On October 15th, the 2020 Wuhan Auto Show officially kicked off. At this Wuhan Auto Show, Dongfeng Honda LIFE officially made its debut. The official nickname of the new model LIFE is "Laifu Sauce".

If you are not familiar with the Dongfeng Honda LIFE, but as a sister model of the Fit, it has been popular in the circle of friends since it was announced that it was settled in Dongfeng Honda.

Under the premise that the overall design is basically unchanged, Dongfeng Honda LIFE has made more unique changes. Friends who feel that the fit shape is round and lacks impact, you can see if Dongfeng Honda LIFE is suitable for you.

At the same time, Dongfeng Honda officially announced that the new car will also be officially launched in December 2020.

There are two series of LIFE put into production by Dongfeng Honda. The standard version of LIFE SPORT has a body size of 4109*1694*1537 mm and a wheelbase of 2530 mm.

The cross-border version of LIFE CROSSSTAR uses black ABS engineering plastic for the lower body surround and wheel eyebrows, while the suspension is raised by 30 mm, the body size has reached 4111/1725/1567 mm, and the wheelbase is 2531 mm.

In terms of appearance, Tomoto LIFE and Fit are obviously different in detail. The front face of LIFE SPORT and Fit are basically the same, except that the lower surround part and the fog lamp area are embellished with black, and the sense of grade is better.

The rear shape of the car is also very similar to the Fit. The transparent blackened taillights greatly increase the sense of movement, and the lower surround part also creates a visual effect similar to a diffuser, which also embellishes a strong sense of movement.

The adjustment of LIFE CROSSSTAR is more obvious than the Fit cross-border version. The lower enveloping model adopts a blackened through-type design and adds silver-gray decorative strips for embellishment, which has a stronger visual impact.

The tail is also designed with a blackened transparent taillight group, and the lower surround is equipped with a silver-gray anti-scratch board, which echoes the front face. The black wheel eyebrows, side skirts and rear bumper are all painted in black, creating a strong sense of crossover.

The interior layout echoes the lovely appearance, and the clear center console design with clear control areas allows users to get started quickly.

Some models of the new car also introduce a number of collisions of materials and colors in the interior, including but not limited to the double-spoke steering wheel with colored plaques, the area near the knob, the top of the cup holder in front of the air outlets on both sides of the front row, etc. .

In terms of power, Dongfeng Honda LIFE will be equipped with a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine of the same model as the Fit, with a maximum power of 131 horsepower and a peak torque of 155N·m, matched with a CVT gearbox.

Secretary comment:

It has to be admitted that the small car market has been greatly affected by the rapid rise of SUVs, especially many Chinese brands can provide models with greater price space and better configuration at a price of around 100,000 yuan (USD $14286) . Therefore, we can see that Dongfeng Honda LIFE has fewer and fewer opponents in the hatchback small car market, and now only the Volkswagen Polo and YARiS L Zhixuan/Vios FS and the new Fit of the same door rival.

Although in essence this car is not different from the Fit, it is indeed possible to create a different character from the Fit through the differences in details. It is always a good thing to provide consumers with more refined cars. At the same time, from the perspective of corporate management, the addition of a LIFE lowers the threshold for becoming a Honda owner.