Don't want to watch ads? Xiaomi officially teaches you how to turn off system ads

The MIUI system of Xiaomi mobile phones has always been one of the best mobile phone systems, but the advertisements in the mobile phone system are also annoying to everyone. Following this, many netizens posted tutorials on turning off system advertisements on the forum. A few days ago, Xiaomi’s official @小米服务 also shared with you some small ways to reduce advertising on Weibo.

1. Say "Close system advertisement" to Xiao Ai

2. Search for "Advertising Service" in the settings and select Close

3. App Store—My—Settings—Recommend

4. Weather—Settings—User Experience Plan—There are three items that can be fully closed

5. Calendar—find three points—setting—user experience plan—content promotion

6. Browser—Settings—Advanced Settings—Personalized Recommendations

After passing such a setting, the advertisements and recommendations in the Xiaomi mobile phone system will be greatly reduced. If you are using a Xiaomi phone, you may wish to try it.