Don’t worry about power. Iqoo 5 supports 120W flash charging

On August 6, the iqoo mobile phone official announced yesterday that the iqoo 5 series new mobile phone, which will be released on August 17, will support 120W ultra fast flash charging.

At the previous China joy event, iqoo demonstrated its 120W flash charging technology to the audience, as well as the iqoo 5 display machine equipped with the fast charging technology.

It is reported that the new version of iqoo 5 uses AMOLED hyperbolic flexible screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz, which will be the flagship of iqoo’s first 120Hz AMOLED screen. It has been revealed that iqoo5 series will be divided into three versions, among which iqoo 5 PRO + will be equipped with 120W fast charging and 120Hz curved screen. In addition, iqoo 5 is the first 120W fast charging mobile phone that has passed the safety fast charging certification. The charger supports up to 65W PD fast charging, and can quickly charge devices compatible with the PD fast charging protocol, such as laptops, game consoles, cameras, etc.

According to the official poster, the dual charge pump technology is used in 120W ultra fast flash charging, which can charge 100% in 15 minutes and support charging and discharging at 6 times the battery current (2000 MAH). The charging conversion rate is more than 98.5%; the first dual 6C cell, 6C high rated capacity rate cell, supports greater current, and the mobile phone can accurately control the charging power to make the charging fast and calm. It is also equipped with a special charging line and a charge pump chip with a charging conversion rate of 98.5%. It is the fastest mass-produced commercial fast charging technology in the industry at present. If you are still worried about electricity, you may as well start one.