Double 11 discount arrives early, Redmi 10X equipped with Dimensity 820 only sells 1,499

The much-anticipated Double 11 is coming soon, and many friends around me are preparing to “chop their hands” at this annual carnival to replace a more cost-effective mobile phone. And a few good friends asked me for their opinions: buy a genuine fragrance machine with a high price-performance ratio within 2,000 yuan (USD $286) . As a digital enthusiast, I did not hesitate to recommend Redmi 10X to him after observing the 2,000 yuan (USD $286) model released this year and the recent double 11 preferential policy.

When I saw the Redmi 10X equipped with Dimensity 820 processor and supporting dual-SIM 5G, it can be bought for only 1499 yuan (USD $214) , which is really fragrant. In fact, its very fragrant point is not only on the processor, such as the screen, Redmi 10X uses a 6.57-inch Samsung AMOLED screen, this screen has many highlights, such as its support for HDR10 display, but also has a 180Hz touch Control sampling rate and brightness up to 800 nits.

As a high-performance game cannon, the 180Hz touch sampling rate is very important. It makes the screen more sensitive to finger touch sensing and has a very fast recognition speed. The effect it can bring is that when users are playing games, they can bring an excellent hand-following experience when their fingers touch the screen, and the whole action is done in one go, without smearing.

In terms of core function, Redmi 10X is equipped with Dimensity 820 processor, as the strongest mid-range processor at present, it adopts 7nm process technology and has the highest frequency of 2.6GHz. In AnTuTu’s running score test, it was able to score a good score of 410,000+ points, and the Redmi 10X series with Dimensity 820 also easily reached the top of the Android mid-range mobile phone rankings announced by AnTuTu in September. The list has become the most powerful mid-range mobile phone.

Redmi 10X is also known as a small game cannon. In addition to the Tianji 820 blessing, it also has many other functions. For example, the Redmi 10X uses a liquid cooling system. When the Redmi 10X runs a large-scale mobile game at high intensity, thanks to the liquid cooling system, the phone body can efficiently and evenly dissipate heat without excessive heat dissipation. Hot situation. In addition, Redmi 10X is also equipped with an exclusive dual-engine optimization function for games, allowing Redmi 10X to maintain efficient gaming performance.

In addition to the powerful performance and excellent screen, Redmi 10X also has many highlights in other aspects, such as its rear 48MP + 8MP + 2MP triple camera, which brings AI streamer camera, AI watermark camera and other gameplay methods. , It also has a linear motor, super linear speaker and other configurations. As for the price, Redmi has started the Double 11 price reduction campaign from October 21st, with the highest price drop of 400 yuan (USD $57) , and the price is only 1499 yuan (USD $214) . Among many mid-range models, the price of Redmi 10X is really fragrant.