Double 11 high-end game push: Mechanic F117-V strength conquer game masterpiece

F117-V, the Chinese codename is “Falcon”, it is a high-performance gaming notebook brought to players by the mechanic at the 5th anniversary celebration and new product launch conference. It adopts a new cool appearance and lighting effect design. The whole system is equipped with the 10th generation Intel Core i7 mobile processor, NVIDIA’s new generation of “Turing” architecture graphics card, 16GB large memory, 512G high-speed solid-state hard drive and 144Hz high-refresh gaming screen, which can help players enjoy the game.

Core i7-10750H with the hard core combination of RTX2060, so that this game book has quite strong gaming performance. And after turning on the one-click frenzy function, the game mode also has a significant performance improvement compared to the office mode. Let’s take a look at its true strength through several popular games with the highest performance nowadays.

“Battlefield 5”

“Battlefield 5” is a first-person shooter game produced and published by EA, and is the orthodox sequel to “Battlefield”. The battlefield for this game is very huge. Through the mode called “Grand Operation”, players will fight against the enemy in a changeable battlefield. Brand-new battles, front-line tasks and rewards will appear dynamically in the magnificent battlefield. At the same time, this game introduces the “Company” system, where players can customize the gender, race, face, hairstyle and a large number of accessories of the character to form brothers to fight together.

Because “Battlefield 5” did not design the Benchmark program, so I chose a scene by myself and used Fraps software to record the number of frames. “Battlefield 5” is a popular game that supports ray tracing. From the picture below, we can see that this game book also has a good performance after enabling ray tracing (DXR) and the highest quality option.

“Devil May Cry 5”

“Devil May Cry 5” is re-produced by Capcom headquarters. The game uses the same Re Engine engine of “Resident Evil 7” and “Resident Evil 2 Remake”, and special enhancements are made for this work. The brand-new game engine takes the picture to a whole new level. The realistic character design, amazing lighting, environmental effects and gorgeous combat special effects bring fans a visual feast.

Since “Devil May Cry 5” did not design a Benchmark program, I still selected a scene by myself and used Fraps software to record the number of frames. With 1920*1080 resolution and the highest picture quality, the frame rate of the game is always maintained above 100 frames, and you can play “Devil May Cry 5” without any pressure.

“Tomb Raider: Shadow”

The “Tomb Raider” game has created a world-renowned game character like Laura with a large fan base. “Tomb Raider: Shadow” is the 11th generation of “Tomb Raider” and the final chapter of the “Tomb Raider” trilogy.

The test directly uses the Benchmark program that comes with “Tomb Raider: Shadow”. The picture quality tested is “highest”. With 1920*1080 resolution and the highest image quality, the average game frame rate reached 69, so you can play “Tomb Raider: Shadow” without any pressure.

“Far Cry 5”

“Far Cry 5”, an FPS action-adventure masterpiece, is set in the fictional location “Hope County” (Hope County) in Montana, USA. The player plays as a sheriff, trying to liberate the gate of Eden by the doomsday cult. A town controlled by Project at Eden’s Gate and its leader Joseph Seed. “Far Cry 5” does not have a fixed story timeline, but is more open and has various possibilities. Players can enjoy different scenes with completely different endings. In addition to the fun shooting and operation, it is beautiful under high quality. The scenery is also a highlight.

The test directly uses the Benchmark program that comes with “Far Cry 5”. The picture quality tested is “extremely high”, which is the highest picture quality of this game. With 1920*1080 resolution and the highest image quality, the average game frame number is 83, and the lowest game frame number is 69. There is no pressure to play Far Cry 5 smoothly.

From the actual measurement results, we can see that the Mechanic F117-V not only has evolved appearance, but also has first-class configuration. It has a powerful combination of Core i7-10750H and RTX2060, which can play most of the hottest items in 1080P full HD resolution. The game is no more. The 144Hz professional gaming display with Sound Blaster Cinema 5 sound certification can also provide extraordinary gaming audio-visual enjoyment. Such a high-end version of the game book is quite worthy of you who love the game.

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