Double 11 speak with face value: Mechanic F117-X is really dazzling!

[Zhankong] The F117 series has always been responsible for the appearance of the mechanic game book. The new flagship masterpiece for the sixth anniversary of the launch-Mechanic [Zhankong] F117-X gaming notebook, in addition to its excellent gaming performance, it also relies on its tough, stylish, cool and charming high-value appearance. Stand out from many products and capture the hearts of a large number of players!

Flagship configuration, thin and light body

As a high-value gaming notebook, first of all, we must say goodbye to the “silly and heavy” design of traditional gaming notebooks. Mechanic [Zhankong] F117-X is equipped with i7-10875H (8 cores 16 threads, turbo frequency 5.1GHz) and RTX 2070Super graphics card (115W full blood version) high-end configuration in a 19.75-22mm body with sufficient performance Easily deal with mainstream 3A masterpieces, very powerful. The whole machine is about 2.3kg lighter, and has quite good portability compared with high-end gaming laptops of the same level.

Metal texture, cool lighting effect

Mechanic [War Air] The A and C sides of the F117-X fuselage are made of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, and have undergone metal anode sandblasting. The texture is excellent and the grade is more prominent. Mechanic [War Air] F117-X adopts a versatile silver appearance, and its shape design is inspired by the F117 fighter plane, which is full of technological sense.

Based on the tough design, the mechanic [Zhankong] F117-X also designed a cool and charming RGB lighting system (LOGO light + atmosphere light + RGB keyboard). It not only has the “F117 series” classic and avant-garde game elements, and at the same time, with the aluminum alloy body deeply integrated with RGB lighting effects, the appearance can be switched between simple and cool.

Mechanic [Zhankong] F117-X also comes standard with the CONTROL CENTER system main control software, through which players can switch performance modes and set the top cover LOGO lighting effects, keyboard lighting effects, and atmosphere lighting effects.

Top screen, narrow edge design

Mechanic [Zhankong] F117-X, as the face value responsible, naturally made a lot of effort on the screens we face every day. It uses an extremely narrow frame design of 5.5mm, which makes the screen-to-body ratio very prominent and can bring a more immersive look and feel. At the same time, the display effect of this screen is also very good. It supports 100% sRGB color gamut and true 8Bit color, with rich and vivid picture layers and delicate transitions. It also has an optional refresh rate of up to 240Hz, allowing players to take the lead in the game. Observe the enemy’s movements and win at high speed.

Mechanic [Zhankong] F117-X has a powerful hard-core combination of the 10th generation Intel Core H series processor and NVIDIA RTX series graphics card, and the game performance is extraordinary. Coupled with the high-profile design carefully designed by the mechanic, this game is very pleasing to the players’ attention. For this ingenious work, you who pursue quality deserve it!

The machinist’s double 11 wave of “king” exploded, and the preferential “strong” attack. Mechanic [Zhankong] During the F117-X event, not only can you save 600 yuan (USD $86) , you can also win an official limited-time subsidy of 100 yuan (USD $14) by printing pictures, collect and purchase M7 mouse + astronaut backpack and other gifts, and support Huabei 24 interest-free, It can be said to be the best time to start this year.

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