Double mode 5g + double blind hole design Realme X50 release: price from 2499 yuan (USD $357)

[techweb] realm officially released its Realme X50 model in Beijing today. The machine is equipped with Xiaolong 765G chip, Supporting Dual-Mode 5g, eagle eye zoom and four shots, and the price is from 2499 yuan (USD $357) .

The Realme X50’s body design inspiration comes from the polar glacier, the silver polar and the ice blue glacier, which belong to the wonderful colors of nature, and have been applied to the back of the smartphone for the first time. The back cover of the body adopts the Corning gorilla 5-generation protective glass with 3D hot bending process, and the back of the whole mobile phone is equipped with micron level fine lines. The optical plating adopted greatly improves the density between the optical diaphragms, so as to improve the overall visual permeability by 200%, brightness by 60%, and color saturation by 50%.

The Realme X50 adopts the integrated dual-mode 5g Chip & mdash; Qualcomm snapdragon 765G, and integrates snapdragon X52 modem and RF system supporting 5g network. The peak download rate is up to 3.7gbps and the upload rate is up to 1.6gbps. At the same time, it supports SA (independent Networking) / NSA (non independent Networking) dual-mode 5g, with full coverage of the mainstream 5g network frequency bands in China, including N1, n41, N78 and N79. It is perfectly compatible with the 5g network of the three major domestic operators and conforms to the access standard of 5g mobile phones. In addition, the Realme X50 also supports 5g + Wi Fi dual channels online at the same time, and the whole scene intelligence improves the network speed; at the same time, it supports dual Wi Fi network acceleration, which can connect 2.4ghz/5ghz Wi Fi at the same time, and finally can form three concurrent network acceleration.

The Realme X50 is equipped with a 6.57 inch LCD screen, which is covered with five generations of Corning gorilla glass screens, accounting for 90.48%, with a resolution of 2400 & times; 1080, a screen ratio of 20:9, and a screen refresh rate of 120 Hz. In order to bring better self shooting effect, the Realme X50 adopts a double blind hole design, and the single camera aperture is only 4.88mm.

In terms of memory combination, the Realme X50 adopts the combination of lpddr4xram + dual channel ufs2.1rom. 5g mobile phones only provide large memory version, starting from 8GB + 128GB. In addition, 6GB + 256gb and 12gb + 256gb can be selected. At the same time, 4200mah large battery is built in. And support the new 30W vooc flash charging 4.0 enhanced version, support the bright screen charging, play while charging, and can be full of the phone’s built-in 4200mah battery within one hour.

In terms of price, the 8GB + 128GB version of the realm X50 costs 2499 yuan (USD $357) , the 6GB + 256gb version costs 2699 yuan (USD $386) , and the 12gb + 256gb version costs 2999 yuan (USD $428) . In addition, the realm has also launched the realm UI, and the realm X50 will be launched. And the master version of the realm X50 (priced at 3099 yuan (USD $443) ) and the realm bugs air.