Double-section OTT traffic climbs to a peak of 780 million, exposure to Coocaa network lights up the value of large screens

With the OTT big screen becoming a new traffic battlefield, how to win high-frequency interaction and high stickiness of users has become the key to the OTT industry to seize the incremental space and tap the marketing value. During the National Day holiday that just ended, Coocaa Network achieved more than 780 million exposures through the "Answers to Lighten the Map" activity. At the same time, it launched a charity donation link for the first time. While sharing happiness with more than 60 million families, Coocaa Networks It also conveyed charity and corporate responsibility, and demonstrated the power and value of OTT large-screen traffic.

Light up the Patriot Star Coocaa network to welcome the peak traffic on National Day

In 2020, November coincides with the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival. Coocaa Network uses "answering questions to light up the map of China" to present gifts to the motherland, and also provide users with surprise gifts and happy moments of family interaction. The data shows that in a total of 9 days of activity, more than 846,000 people completed tasks, more than 14,000 people light up the entire map of China, and the average TV turn-on time exceeded 6.4 hours a day.

Coocaa Network fully integrated the National Day hot spots and started from the goal of "family happiness", launching a large-screen interactive activity with the theme of "Answers and Lights Up the Map", creating a new gameplay for users with in-depth participation. In the process of participation, the form of knowledge questions and answers aroused the enthusiasm of family members to participate, children drive adults to participate, and intellectual content to promote intra-family interactions, allowing users to harvest rich in-kind rewards through fun activities. In addition, Coocaa Network innovatively injects charity elements into the event, combining lighting up the map of China and donating charity to impoverished areas, in-depth fit with the theme of National Day, inspiring users' enthusiasm for showing love, and making the event a great play of social welfare value. At the same time, in order to facilitate user participation, Coocaa Networks has set up event "sub-venues" to connect the big screen and mobile terminals to upgrade the interactive entertainment experience of OTT big screens.

The large-screen value of creating high-quality content works for deep-rooted users

With more and more people entering the game and frequent tricks of gameplay, Coocaa Networks knows that the continuous original and first quality content is the sustainable development path to increase user stickiness. In this event, Coocaa Network took a more interactive form. Users won the opportunity to answer questions by logging in, going online, sharing, inviting friends, buying members, shopping and placing orders. On the one hand, it increases the user’s interaction path, on the other hand. Let users interact.

Content is the core value that TV brings to users, and the efficient content operation model is based on the continuous development and improvement of the Coocaa system. Coocaa Networks focuses on the iteration and upgrade of the system, and uses technology to create content pushes that conform to user habits, such as video streaming, carousel channels, short video channels, and member centers that focus on interactive experience. The user’s "thousand screens and thousands of faces" are highly customized, and a brand new practice has been launched in content operation.

As a pioneer in the OTT large-screen industry, Coocaa Networks can achieve sustained growth in the competition field of multi-dimensional traffic such as mobile social networking and live video streaming, which also shows that Coocaa Networks is deeply engaged in the "living room market" and understands "home users" "The gradually solid competitive advantage brought by the heart. Through this double festival event, Coocaa Network not only won the peak of traffic, but also provided support for the construction of refined crowd tags and dynamic family portraits of Coocaa Network, which is also evidence for advertisers to provide accurate content push. In this event, Coocaa Network conducted in-depth analysis of multi-dimensional data such as the city of participating users, the length of participation, the correct number of answers, the number of rewards won, the number of customs clearances, and the number of shopping orders. Over 60 million household users have in-depth insights. Various forms of content and interaction have continued to improve the user information and crowd labeling system. It is precisely this in-depth interpretation of users, coupled with its original genes, Coocaa Networks has the leading strength in the continuous creation and distribution of high-quality content and the continuous clarity of home user portraits.

Achieving a win-win situation for multiple parties, the surge in traffic boosts confidence

In 2020, "home-home anti-epidemic" will enable people to return to their families and create a comfortable and happy family space that attracts more attention from families. This trend has brought great opportunities for the development of the OTT industry. According to the prediction of Aowei Cloud Network, the scale of the large-screen ecological market with smart TV as the core will reach 630 billion yuan in 2020, and deep cultivation of the living room economy can bring great development space for OTT companies. However, how to continuously create high-quality and accurate content to meet user preferences on the one hand, and help advertisers achieve accurate delivery and increase ROI on the other, requires the OTT industry to constantly provide new answers.

From shopping spree to long holiday season, the marketing method of OTT big screen is constantly iterating and renovating. This is just one of the manifestations of Coocaa's superior capabilities. Coocaa's leading advantages in system iteration, user operation, and new technology application are not only the key to attracting traffic in short-term events, but also the main reference standard for advertisers to choose to launch OTT.

With years of accumulated experience in advertising operations, Coocaa Networks has completed the full path coverage from startup to shutdown with the help of AI algorithms, and realized the leap of OTT advertising system from point to surface. With the support of powerful back link technology, Coocaa Network can also achieve closed-loop marketing. Integrate user behavior data through high-quality content and activities, explore the portraits of highly interactive people, and analyze the collision analysis between data interest groups and advertiser conversion results to achieve the accuracy of subsequent target groups and provide advertisers with better delivery strategies.

Whether it is accurate delivery on the content side or the multi-dimensional layout of terminals, technologies, applications, and platforms, based on internal innovation genes and continuous innovation of core technologies, Coocaa helps advertisers achieve pre-investment, mid-investment, and post-investment The fully transparent experience of Coocaa uses the platform of Coocaa Network to achieve growth, so that the traffic value of the big screen is fully demonstrated, and it is also a manifestation of the integration of Coocaa Network’s smart marketing products and effects.

At present, the value of OTT big screens has been fully affirmed. Coocaa uses actual performance to let the industry and brand owners see the "standard answer" of big screen marketing. The huge market also requires OTT industry entrants to continue to use innovative content, Efficient technology and high-quality services match the needs of users, and finally achieve the goal of enabling users and advertisers to achieve a win-win situation.