Dual mode six band, Huawei maimang 9 is not only a cheap 5g mobile phone

At present, the main competitive market of & nbsp; 5g & nbsp; smartphones has come below & nbsp; 2500 & nbsp; yuan, and Huawei’s recently launched maimang & nbsp; 9 & nbsp; is also a product in this price range. As the first 5g & nbsp; mobile phone in maimang series, maimang & nbsp; 9 & nbsp; has a lot of highlights. Let’s count them in detail.

First, maimang & nbsp; 9 & nbsp; uses 5g SOC. This chip can not only provide relatively excellent performance, but also integrate the & nbsp; 5g & nbsp; modem, which can directly realize the coverage of dual-mode & nbsp; 5g & nbsp; network.

Maimang & nbsp; 9 & nbsp; also pre installed the & nbsp; emui 10.1 & nbsp; operating system to achieve a comprehensive & nbsp; AI & nbsp; core optimization, with excellent hardware to achieve a better experience. In addition, maimang 9 & nbsp; also has a & nbsp; type-C & nbsp; interface, 3.5mm & nbsp; headphone hole, and standard & nbsp; 128GB & nbsp; storage to fully meet the different needs of users.

As a & nbsp; 5g & nbsp; mobile phone, the network is naturally one of the selling points of maimang & nbsp; 9 & nbsp. This product does not castrate the network because of positioning. It can support dual mode (SA / NSA) six Band & nbsp; 5g & nbsp; networks, which are & nbsp; N1 / n77 / N38 / n41 / N78 / N79. These frequency bands include not only the commonly used & nbsp; 5g & nbsp; frequency bands at home and abroad, but also the & nbsp; SA 5g & nbsp; network to be opened in the future in China. Therefore, maimang not only has no pressure at home and abroad, but also can “fight the future”.

You may not have a & nbsp; 5g & nbsp; plan, but when you insert your & nbsp; 4G & nbsp; card into Macintosh & nbsp; 9 & nbsp; you can still experience some of the & nbsp; 5g & nbsp; network features, including high download speed. According to our test, when used with the & nbsp; 4G & nbsp; card, the maximum download speed can be up to & nbsp; 50MB / S & nbsp;, which has exceeded the current mainstream home broadband.

In addition to its high speed, the network connection of maimang & nbsp; 9 & nbsp; is very stable. No matter at home or in the office / school, or in the bus and subway when you go out everyday, maimang 9 & nbsp; can easily cope with it, making the network everywhere. So whether it’s a game or a video, maimang & nbsp; 9 & nbsp; can let you experience it anytime.

5g & nbsp; s high download speed brings higher quality online content. Maimang & nbsp; 9 & nbsp; provides & nbsp; 6.8 & nbsp; inch screen, which belongs to the category of large screen in the current market. A larger screen can not only bring better display area, make you feel better immersed, but also can bring larger battery, effectively improving the battery life.

Maimang & nbsp; 9 & nbsp; adopts the & nbsp; 4300mah & nbsp; super large battery, combined with Huawei’s careful adjustment in power consumption, can effectively solve the high power consumption demand of & nbsp; 5g & nbsp; and achieve better standby time.

With & nbsp; 22.5w & nbsp; super fast charging, it can not only last a long time, but also recover blood quickly, completely eliminating the anxiety of electricity. Maimang 9 & nbsp; also controls the fuselage to & nbsp; 8.9mm & nbsp; thickness and & nbsp; 212g & nbsp; weight. Maimang 9 also provides three color options, such as dark night, fairyland forest and clear sky, which is very suitable for young consumers with different personalities.

At present, maimang 9 is on-line pre-sale, the price is from 2199 yuan (USD $314) , and there are more discounts for booking. If you like this mobile phone, you can buy it now.