Duplex multi-floor cleaning is easier, Roborock T7 can help you do it

As a good helper for cleaning, sweeping robots have helped many consumers free their hands. But for the residents of duplex floors, the choice of products is not so easy. Large areas and multiple floors require higher battery life and intelligent algorithms for the robot cleaner. Today, I will introduce two products that are very suitable for multi-floor users-Roborock T7 and T7 Pro.

The newly upgraded map management 4.0 of the Stone T7 series has added automatic recognition of multi-floor maps, which can memorize and edit 4 maps separately. When changing floors and cleaning, the robot can automatically recognize the floor and load the corresponding map to start work. It is very suitable for duplex Floor use.

When the sweeper starts cleaning or moves to another floor during the cleaning process, the LDS on the top of the sweeping robot will emit and receive lasers to draw the room and extract map features to match the saved map. Finally, according to the matching The arrived map information starts to be cleaned. It can be said that the Roborock sweeping robot map management 4.0 truly realizes the automatic recognition and switching of multiple floors and multiple maps.

We can also turn on map saving and multi-map functions, create maps for each floor according to the guidelines and set restricted areas, virtual walls, custom water volume, suction, cleaning order, etc., which is very smart and meets multiple cleaning needs on multiple floors.

In addition, the large-area cleaning of the duplex floor is also a test for the endurance of the sweeping robot. The Roborock T7 series sweeping robot uses a 5200mAh large-capacity lithium battery. In standard mode, a single battery life is about 2.5 hours, and it can clean about 250 square meters of floor space, which can fully meet the long battery life required for cleaning duplex floors. The specially designed constant current and constant voltage charging mechanism guarantees long battery life.

The Roborock T7 series sweeping robot also supports the intelligent breakpoint continuous sweeping function, which will calculate the charging time based on the uncleaned area, and will come out to clean when it can meet the remaining cleaning tasks. For example, if there are 10 square meters left to scan, the robot will continue to scan immediately when it is calculated to be charged to 35% of the battery. This is more intelligent and time-saving compared to ordinary breakpoint continuous scanning.

The Roborock T7 series sweeping robot supports integrated sweeping and mopping, and its cleaning performance is very strong. In terms of sweeping, the Roborock T7 series uses a brand-new brushless fan with strong performance, greatly improved current and power, and optimized linear air ducts to make the air volume more sufficient. In Max mode, the suction power of the fan is increased to 2500Pa, which can easily remove the dust in the floor gap. Compared with T6, the suction power is increased by 25%. There is also a very big upgrade in the water tank. The electronically controlled water tank is divided into two parts. The upper part is the water tank for storing water, and the bottom is the mop holder. T7 Pro has the largest water tank in the Stone Technology family at present, with a capacity of 297ml. The official said that small water volume can mop the floor of 250 square meters, and the medium water volume can mop the floor of 200 square meters. It is very suitable for replacing daily manual cleaning in duplex floors.