DxOMark announces Honor V30 PRO running points: 122 points, ranking second

On January 17th, the authoritative camera evaluation agency DxOMark recently announced the Honor V30 PRO running score. According to the results, the Honor new camera ’s rear lens has a photo score of 133 points and a video score of 100 points. With a comprehensive score of 122 points, it is the second highest scoring device in the DxOMark smartphone image quality database.

The breakthrough camera matrix is a highlight that this new machine has to mention. It is reported that the Honor V30 PRO breaks the traditional camera mode of stacking pixels and lenses, and deeply integrates chips, algorithms and optical systems to make the overall imaging system soft and hard. Bring a more complete system image experience.

In addition, the Honor V30 PRO is also equipped with the IMX600 sensor jointly developed with Sony, using RYYB filter arrangement, the support of the outsole and large aperture can effectively provide 40% of the amount of light, in addition to the deeply customized dual camera, the new machine With a super wide angle of 109 degrees, it can also increase the photosensitive area by 30%.

According to the official summary of DxOMark, the Honor V30 PRO performs better in photos, with many bright spots such as accurate exposure, wide dynamic range, and detailed processing in place, but it is slightly inadequate in terms of autofocus and ultra-wide-angle lenses. In terms of video shooting, the Honor V30 PRO also has accurate exposure, and has good color performance both indoors and outdoors, and the picture is relatively stable, but the auto focus and lens still need to be enhanced.

Editor of this article: Shi Yi