DxOMark announces the score of OnePlus Nord camera, 108 points

This year, OnePlus released the OnePlus Nord mobile phone overseas. This mobile phone is positioned in the mid-range and has a 48MP four-camera combination. Recently, DxOMark announced the camera score of this model, with a total score of 108 points.

OnePlus Nord has a 48-megapixel main camera + 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle + 5-megapixel depth of field + 2-megapixel macro four-camera combination.

OnePlus Nord’s camera has a total score of 108 points, and the scores for photos, zoom and video items are 117, 47, and 92 points in order. This score is certainly not as good as the flagship model, but it’s pretty good among mid-range models.

According to DxOMark’s evaluation, OnePlus Nord’s camera has good results in exposure, color, autofocus and texture, but it is not ideal for bokeh and night scene projects.