DxOMark evaluates iPhone 12 Pro Max: still not as good as friends

Finally, the iPhone has kept up with the outsole sensor trend of Android manufacturers. The area of the main sensor of the recently released iPhone 12 Pro Max has increased by 47% compared with the previous generation, and the unit pixel size has reached 1.7μm. The newly added 65mm telephoto lens can achieve a five-fold optical zoom range.

DxOMark, a third-party imaging testing agency, expressed its views on Weibo:

Our first impression of the newly released iPhone 12 Pro Max is that the telephoto camera of the device has been upgraded from the equivalent 52mm of the iPhone 11 Pro Max to the equivalent 65mm, supporting 5 optical zooms. Although it has been upgraded, it is still not as good as the 100mm+ lenses of some friends.

Indeed, the equivalent focal length of the periscope telephoto lens carried by domestic mobile phone manufacturers can reach up to 120mm or more, and shooting distant scenes will be clearer.

What kind of results the newly upgraded iPhone 12 Pro Max can achieve, and whether it can surpass domestic mobile phone manufacturers, still needs to be patient.