Dyson's product Xiaomi Wireless Vacuum Cleaner K10 is on sale for 125,000 revolutions and only needs 1299

As an intelligent cleaning tool, vacuum cleaners have gradually become the standard of people’s quality of life from unpopular home appliances in the past. With the rapid development of the vacuum cleaner market, the thriving situation of imported brands has also been broken by the rise of many domestic brands. At the same time, consumers are choosing It has also become more and more rational when buying vacuum cleaner products. As a brand that uses the spirit of geeks to make products, Xiaomi has always been committed to allowing everyone in the world to enjoy the good life brought by technology. It has always brought consumers many excellent smart cleaning products. The retail price of home wireless vacuum cleaner K10 is 1499 yuan (USD $214) . , The initial price is only 1,299 yuan (USD $186) .

The Mijia wireless vacuum cleaner K10, Xiaomi’s first 125,000 rpm motor, is newly launched. This newly upgraded vacuum cleaner is not only equipped with a 125,000 rpm brushless motor that can provide surging suction, and the industry’s high standard multi-cone cyclone separation system for cleaning and filtering. , It also uses the LCD high-definition display with intelligent sensor floor brush and visual control to make housework cleaning more effective, realize deep cleaning and provide everyone with a healthy and comfortable living environment.

The Mijia Wireless Vacuum Cleaner K10 is equipped with a 125,000-rpm high-speed brushless motor that can instantly start to provide strong suction. The 150AW suction power of the whole machine is super vacuum suction to ensure the rapid inhalation of dust, hair, visible particles, etc., and it can suck faster and more powerfully. In addition to the dirt deep in the floor and carpet, all kinds of dust have nowhere to escape. And the Mijia wireless vacuum cleaner K10 is also equipped with the industry's higher standard 12-cone cyclone design. More cones means that particles with smaller diameters can be separated from the inhaled air, which greatly improves the dust and gas separation effect and prevents HEPA. The filter element is blocked, which greatly increases the service life of the HEPA filter element.

One generation is stronger than one generation, K10's new upgraded function makes the "King of Vacuum Cleaner"

Consumers who know Xiaomi products will know that Xiaomi has more than one vacuum cleaner product. The previous generation of vacuum cleaner products known as "performance monsters" Mijia handheld wireless vacuum cleaner 1C has already amazed users around the world, and this Mijia The wireless vacuum cleaner K10 shocked countless people inside and outside the industry. Compared with the 100,000 rpm brushless power of the Mijia handheld wireless vacuum cleaner 1C, K10 not only increases the number of brushless motor revolutions to 125,000 rpm, but also increases the suction power from 120AW to 150AW, which maximizes the suction power of the vacuum cleaner. , Laid a strong foundation for deep cleaning.

The retail price of this Mijia wireless vacuum cleaner K10 is 1499 yuan (USD $214) , and the initial price is only 1299 yuan (USD $186) . The Mijia wireless vacuum cleaner K10 has been sold on all Xiaomi platforms.

Warm and moving Mijia heater priced at 399 yuan (USD $57)

As winter approaches, Mijia also released the Mijia vertical heater, which continues the consistent style and concept of Xiaomi products. It makes friends with users and gives benefits to users, and makes a more intelligent and cost-effective heater product. 399 yuan (USD $57) . At 10 o'clock on October 16th, Xiaomi Mall/Xiaomi Youpin/Xiaomi Home/Tmall will be on sale simultaneously.

What you need for heating in winter is fast. It has a strong power of 2100W, a non-optical semiconductor ceramic PTC heating element, and it emits hot air when it is turned on. It does not wait for warmth in cold weather. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of users for different usage scenarios, this heater has 5 modes to choose from, namely smart mode (intelligent heating for the whole house), sleep mode (low-noise heating in the bedroom), and hot air mode (strong heating in cold) , Warm wind mode (warm and warm), natural wind mode (cool air supply).

There are three ways to shake the head of the Mijia vertical heater. When using it for the first time, press the head switch, the default is 100° full head shaking. After connecting to the Mijia App, there are three head shaking modes to choose from: an induction shaking head that can sense a small range of air supply for a person, a symmetrical shaking head with a self-selected angle, and a custom shaking head with a customized air supply range. Among them, the induction shaking head is more suitable for single use. The infrared probe senses the position of the human body, and the air supply direction moves with the human body to feel exclusive warmth.

1 second accurate and safe temperature measurement Mijia ear thermometer public price 169 yuan (USD $24)

The Mijia Ear Thermometer officially landed on Xiaomi Mall to start crowdfunding, and started with high-quality, multi-functional big-name domestic products at an affordable price, adding a strong guarantee for the health of the family. The ear thermometer is different from the cumbersome and unsafe methods of mercury temperature measurement. The Mijia ear thermometer can measure the temperature in 1 second, which is fast and accurate. The Mijia Ear Thermometer will be crowdfunded at Xiaomi Mall on October 14th at a price of 169 yuan (USD $24) .

As babies grow up, fever is inevitable. However, the mercury thermometers provided in ordinary homes put aside the risk of being fragile and poisonous. The waiting time and operation process for each temperature measurement is a kind of "torture" for adults and children: children are uncomfortable, not at all. If you are willing to cooperate, you will be crying if you are struggling, and measuring your personal temperature will seriously "damage" the harmony of the parent-child relationship. After such an operation tossing to the end, the temperature measurement is not accurate, the adults really have no bottom. This kind of tiredness, even the first cup of milk tea in autumn cannot be cured.

Baby has a fever, measuring ear temperature is more reliable

The eardrum and the temperature regulation center hypothalamus belong to the carotid artery blood supply, which belongs to the inner core temperature. It can quickly and accurately capture the first sound of fever. Compared with the armpit and rectum, which are also very accurate but super troublesome, the ear The thermometer is undoubtedly a temperature measuring tool to save Bao Mom and Dad! Therefore, if you want to get rid of nursing problems, assist doctors correctly, and help your baby recover faster, then an ear thermometer that measures accurately and gets rid of tedious operating steps must be included in your shopping list.

Easily put it in your pocket Xiaomi Power Bank Pocket Edition 10000mAh is only 99 yuan

Xiaomi has launched a new pocket version of the power bank. It has a large capacity of 10000mAh and an ultra-small body of about 200g. The volume is only ⅓ larger than the standard charger of the Xiaomi notebook. When not in use, it can be easily placed in the pocket of the pants. In addition, the 22.5W high-power output can charge three devices at the same time. The simple and elegant white appearance, the small one can be put in the pocket as you like, and the price is also very surprising, only 99 yuan.

Xiaomi's original IP hardcore sci-fi theme smart building block series is fully online

Under today’s sci-fi boom, Xiaomi Technology has launched an original sci-fi IP theme product-"Jupiter Dawn" smart building block series. It builds a new sci-fi story with Jupiter in the future world as the background, and develops and launches sci-fi themed smart building block products. Interactive experience to feel the charm of science fiction interstellar, creating a new concept of smart and cool in the Internet era.

The newly launched "Jupiter Dawn" smart building block series has five models, namely the Orion Hexapod Titan, the Shepherd Carrier, the Scorpio Defense Tower, the Aquila Reconnaissance Aircraft and the Flying Fish Shuttle. Each mecha has different attributes under different machine settings. The combination of sci-fi concept and mecha design is complementary to the product concept while satisfying technological aesthetics.

Orion Hexapod Titan is a fighter armour that moves on the surface of the planet. As an intelligent building block with a multi-joint bionic structure, it is equipped with an excellent radio and a wireless true-color light module. The motor can precisely control the hexapod walking and head turning. The lamp module is independently powered by a lithium battery, making the mecha construction more flexible and changeable. This hexapod Titan product has a new decentralized control architecture. The smart module uses Bluetooth Mesh technology to form a highly free wireless control system. The main controller is no longer needed. It can be seen as an upgraded version of the building block robot operating system. Experience the brand-new AR augmented reality technology through the exclusive APP, and give life to the mecha.

In the Jupiter dawn smart building block series, the six-legged Titans in Orion are crowdfunding for 469 yuan (USD $67) , the bosses are carrying the crowdfunding for 369 yuan (USD $53) , the Scorpio defense stepping is for crowdfunding 269 yuan (USD $38) , the Aquila reconnaissance aircraft is crowdfunding for 169 yuan (USD $24) , and the flying fish shuttle crowd is crowded. Raising price of 79 yuan.