Edifier FunBuds Bluetooth headset evaluation: active noise reduction is a bit fierce

Edifier FunBuds should be my second Edifier TWS headset. The reason why I started with their new product is mainly because the Edifier TWS NB2 I used before did give me a lot of surprises. One is that the noise reduction effect is very good, and it can cut off most of the noise when you wear it out to take the subway; the other is the sound quality, after all, it is an old audio company with a good sense of hearing and is very suitable for listening to human voices.

And this newly launched Edifier FunBuds still has a good noise reduction ability, and is equipped with a 10mm large-size composite diaphragm speaker unit. The sound quality experience is very worth experiencing. In addition, in terms of appearance, the Edifier FunBuds prefers a more colorful and elegant design, which is very suitable as a gift for girls.

Better sound quality

This time I have a lot of expectations for the experience of the Edifier FunBuds in terms of sound quality.The previous Edifier TWS NB2 is more inclined to the sound of human voice, so what kind of experience will the Edifier FunBuds this time?

At the hardware level, the Edifier FunBuds uses a 10mm super large composite diaphragm moving coil unit with a larger low-frequency sound field. With the careful tuning of the Edifier, it can bring better resolution and restore a new and delicate sound. And in terms of sound quality transmission, it is equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 chip to ensure a better sound quality transmission experience.

I have been listening to Chinese pop songs these days. The Edifier FunBuds gives me the feeling that it is very hierarchical, and the three frequencies can be displayed well. For example, in Wang Leehom’s song “At the Edge of the Plum”, the timbre of embellishments, vocals, electric drums and bass can be clearly heard. The low frequency is very thick, the layering is obvious, and the details are also very rich. The song “Contentment” has a good separation of vocals and piano, violin and other timbres, so it feels comfortable to listen to.

According to my personal feelings, I think Edifier FunBuds is very suitable for listening to pop music. It can take into account all three frequencies. For example, if you like to listen to pure music, Edifier FunBuds has better resolution and can hear all kinds of songs clearly. The details of the instrument are actually enough for daily use.

By the way, here I also tested the delay performance of the Edifier FunBuds. Turn on the game mode of Edifier FunBuds, and the delay can be as low as 80ms. When the microphone is turned on, the delay control of Edifier FunBuds is very good. When eating chicken, footsteps, fire and other operations can achieve audio and video synchronization, and the headset The feedback sound quality is also very airy, and you can listen to the sound and distinguish the position.

Decent true noise reduction

Personally, I think that noise reduction is mostly used for some high-priced headphones in the early thousand yuan, but the FunBuds, which is priced at 100 yuan (USD $14) , can also be equipped with true noise reduction. This is rare. Relying on the built-in dual Mic to record the surrounding environmental noise in real time, through the optimized active noise reduction technology, Edifier FunBuds can compare it with the processor, and then reversely cancel it, effectively isolating external sounds and bringing us quiet A trouble-free listening environment.

The measured Edifier FunBuds can well isolate the noise of vehicles outside the window and some construction machinery after turning on the noise reduction, and while typing with a mechanical keyboard while listening to songs while wearing the Edifier FunBuds, it also achieves a good shielding effect and noise reduction effect. More obvious. At the same time, because the earphone uses a soft and comfortable silicone earphone cover, when the noise reduction is turned on, it will not feel too boring to wear.

If it is a scene such as running outdoors or taking the subway to work, we can turn on the ambient sound listening mode of the rambler FunBuds. You can hear the surrounding sounds clearly without taking off the headphones. At the same time, the sound of the song will not be masked to avoid excessive Immerse yourself, don’t be afraid to miss the subway announcement

There are some extra points

Although Edifier FunBuds pays more attention to the experience of noise reduction and sound quality, it can also do a good balance of other aspects.

For example, in terms of appearance design, the Edifier FunBuds headset body adopts a highly recognizable triangle design, not a common cylindrical shape on the market, and the structure of the headset looks like an exquisite ornament, matched with cherry blossom powder, reflecting the snow white There are three optional colors and haze blue, very small and fresh.

At the same time, in terms of weight, the weight of a single earphone of the Edifier FunBuds is only 6.1g, and the weight of the charging box is about 41.3g. It can be fully gripped with one hand. It is very light and portable. If you take it out, you can put it in your pocket. ,Very convenient.

For some of our classmates are more concerned about battery life, Edifier FunBuds can also be guaranteed. When the noise reduction is turned on, a single earphone can be used continuously for about 7 hours. With the charging box, it is basically no problem for a few days to charge once. And if it is in normal mode, a single headset can reach 9 hours, with the charging box, the total battery life can reach 32 hours, so there is no need to worry about battery life.

Hundred yuan price optimization

I have been using Edifier FunBuds for several days. I am personally satisfied with this headset. If I want better sound quality or noise reduction, Edifier FunBuds can meet my requirements, especially in terms of noise reduction. The effect is very good. It is perfect for listening to work or in the office. In addition, Edifier FunBuds can also take care of delays, battery life, appearance and so on. For some students with low budgets, Edifier FunBuds is a very cost-effective choice.