Edifier LolliPods Plus experience: domestic Bluetooth headsets are strong

It is not easy to pick a pair of good-to-use true wireless headphones. After all, there are too many choices on the market, but in general, as long as you choose the right brand and look at the configuration of the headphones, you can basically find those strength comparisons. Excellent product. Like Edifier, it is an established brand of earphone speakers. The technical strength of earphones is completely fine, and there are many products with high cost performance.

In the past two days, I found a true wireless headset called LolliPods Plus from Edifier. The configuration is not bad, and the evaluation is relatively high. The price of about 200 should be in line with the budget of most friends, and I usually listen to music. , Play games, you should be able to get a good playback effect.

Simple design, exquisite body

Generally, true wireless earphones at this type of price will mostly imitate products such as AirPods, but LolliPods Plus are very characteristic. I have seen some earphones before the LolliPods series. They are indeed more consistent in style, and the design is not blind. Imitated other brands, but adopted a good-looking simple design, and the body is relatively small, comfortable to wear, but also easy to carry out.

Because LolliPods Plus is a semi-in-ear earphone, there is no need to change the ear caps, and it is very comfortable to wear directly. It seems that the Edifier is still very accurate in grasping the ear shape of the Chinese. In addition, the design of the charging compartment of this headset is also very beautiful, the surface is matte, the hand feel and the visual effects are very good-looking, it looks very high-end, and it is not inferior to the thousand-yuan headset.

Flagship configuration, outstanding sound quality

In terms of configuration, LolliPods Plus is equipped with Qualcomm’s new chipset QCC3040, which can support Bluetooth V 5.2. Not only the signal is more stable, but also the power consumption is lower, which brings a more durable battery life. And this headset can also support Qualcomm’s second-generation aptX Adaptive technology, achieving a balance between sound quality and delay.

This configuration specification of the headset, whether listening to music or playing games, you can get satisfactory results. In terms of sound quality, LolliPods Plus uses a 13mm liquid crystal polymer diaphragm, which has been professionally adjusted by Edifier , The tri-band performance is relatively balanced, and the analysis is better, which can clearly and accurately restore the details in the music.

When we usually work, if we need to make calls frequently, with the mirror connection design of LolliPods Plus, we can stay online continuously, because this function allows the two headsets to switch seamlessly, which is more convenient during calls, and The connection is also very stable, no need to reconnect the mobile phone, it is more efficient to use.

In addition, LolliPods Plus is equipped with CVC 8.0 call noise reduction technology. Through the dual microphone array on the headset, the headset can better filter common noises such as wind noise. You can get a clearer call effect indoors and outdoors, especially outdoors. At that time, if you want to answer the phone, you can communicate clearly with the other party without going to a secluded corner or amplifying the volume.

Long battery life, simple operation

This headset has a single battery life of 6 hours. If you bring a charging box, you can get a total battery life of up to 24 hours. Even if it is used from morning to night, it is no problem. Of course, we usually don’t want to protect our hearing. You will wear headphones for a long time. In this case, LolliPods Plus should generally be used for three or four days without any problems.

And it is worth mentioning that LolliPods Plus also has a fast charging feature, even if the battery is out of use, you can get 2 hours of playback time after 15 minutes of charging, which is very helpful for daily use. In addition, if the headset is fully charged from zero, it only takes 50 minutes. Usually, the headset is fully charged during a break at noon, and it is really convenient to use.

In normal operation, we can use the touch buttons on the headset to complete most of the daily operations, such as answering and hanging up, playing pause, which can be achieved by double-clicking the headset. In addition, this headset can pass three Click to complete the operation of switching tracks, it is more flexible to use, and you don’t need to look at the phone often when you are working or exercising.

Finally, the LolliPods Plus headphones have IP54 dust and water resistance. In the summer season, it is inevitable to encounter some windy and rainy weather. Outdoor sports will be sweaty for a while. In this case, because of LolliPods Plus It has enough water resistance, so it is no problem to use it. You can listen to music and touch operation normally, which is very worry-free.

In general, LolliPods Plus is a very handy true wireless headset I have recently used. The sound quality is very satisfactory, and the design is also very beautiful. Details such as fast charging, waterproofing, and call noise reduction are all considered. Yes, it is very convenient to use. If you are planning to pick a true wireless headset, this LolliPods Plus should be a very worthy choice.