Electric car review|Expansion, I got in a 6 million car

It is often said that a man must own a “3 Series” in his life. The Secretary thinks that this sentence is more realistic.

There is also a saying that “something is not born, it will be lost in this life”. It may be the Rolls-Royce Ghost that the Secretary will continue to talk about today!

The director of the last episode experienced a Rolls Royce Ghost worth more than 6 million from the static aspect.

Umbrellas worth 100,000 yuan (USD $14286) , a symbol of the Flying Goddess worth an Accord, Parthenon pillars, “R&R” wheels that never lower your head…and so on, make your friends hooked! The missed friends can click the link below to review:

The car’s label arrives on an Accord: Where is this Rolls Royce expensive?

Today, the Secretary made everyone more inflated and took everyone on this 6 million-plus car. What is the experience? let’s go!

Ride experience

As an extended ultra-luxury car, Gust has a full wheelbase of 1 meter longer than the A-class (3-box compact model), and the level of space comfort is staggering.

The Gust car seat is made of Bavarian cowhide, which is extremely delicate and soft to the touch. It can be described as the Hermes in the automotive industry.

The rear seats also provide an adjustment memory function. The more intimate thing is that the lower part of the C-pillar is also softly wrapped, even if you sit sideways, you can get an excellent comfortable experience.

Not only that, in order to keep improving the driving and riding experience, Gust also blessed the black technology of GPS satellite auxiliary drive system.

Simply put: the vehicle can locate the current specific location through GPS, and then combine the current road conditions, such as curves, intersections, up and down slopes, etc., after precise calculations, predict the next action of the driver and combine the information The appropriate gears are communicated to the engine, gearbox, suspension, and switched in advance to meet the road ahead in the best state. In this way, comfort and drivability are improved.

Before that, you should be hard to imagine that Rolls-Royce, which is always old-fashioned, had already used technology comparable to today’s L2 autonomous driving six years ago.

In addition, Rolls-Royce’s air suspension is also unique. It can detect subtle changes in the car to change the pressure on the wheels on both sides, so that the car body remains in a stable state at all times.

To give a simple example: the left rear passenger bent over to pick up an item placed on the co-pilot, so that the pressure on the left rear wheel will be reduced, and the suspended sensor will quickly feed back to the control computer, and the shock absorber will be in 2.5 milliseconds. Respond within, let the vehicle restore balance instantly, and achieve the perfect transition of force transmission without knowing it.

At the same time, this air suspension also supports an automatic lift with an amplitude of 2.5 cm. With GPS positioning and a trip computer, the vehicle can automatically respond to different roads in driving.

Intelligent central control

For Central Control, this is what the director is most adept at. How to make the perfect combination of technology and automobile is the director’s pursuit.

As we all know, Rolls-Royce was acquired by BMW in 2003 and became a brand of the BMW Group. As a matter of course, Gust is equipped with BMW-based i-Drive system. The Secretary deliberately experienced it to see the advantages and disadvantages of this system.

This system consists of a large LCD screen supplemented by a knob and 8 corresponding function operations. In the main menu, you can push and pull the controller in five directions through the circular knob to enter the respective secondary menus. For the driver, using this knob is like using a mouse to control the car, which is easy and natural.

Attentive students can find that traditionally, Audi MMI, BMW iDrive and Mercedes-Benz COMAND systems have similar control logic—knob + button control. From the perspective of the time, the director of Rolls-Royce’s system operation method approved.

On the contrary, many brands, such as Tesla, have over-integrated common functions into the touch control, which seems simple, but it increases the complexity of the operation, especially during driving, the safety will inevitably decrease.

At the same time, in terms of operation perception, the feedback of the rotary button is excellent, and the damping is also just right. Regardless of the button, the knob or the roulette, the excellent tactile feedback is accompanied by not a crisp sound, but a quiet sound.

This i-Drive system has 8 main menus: radio, multimedia, telephone, navigation, mobile office, applications, vehicle information and settings. The layout adopts a completely different information structure model from current smart phones or computers.

During the experience, the director found that this system is indeed inhumane. For example, when entering functions such as navigation and radio, the interface will automatically enter the location where the user stayed last time. But if you return to the main menu level by level, the path will be very long the next time you enter each function through the main menu.

This design has caused two distinct effects: 1. Users who are accustomed to the logic of today’s smart phone system, when using this system based on BMW iDrive design, it will take a long time to adapt to such operating logic; 2. When the user has a certain degree of familiarity with the system for a period of time, because each function is kept in a fixed position, the “blind operation” will become very fast.

Considering that the initial version of iDrive was born in 2001 when there were no modern smart phones, neither users nor designers at the time would be affected by the design of iOS or Android. Therefore, the Secretary believes that this is the same as current smart phones or tablets. It is not surprising that computers have completely different operating logic.

In terms of navigation function, this system can display different information on the screen according to the user’s vehicle speed and specific road conditions. Such as: the scale, graphic zoom, turning prompt, etc. are just right.

But the problem comes again. For domestic users, we are more accustomed to searching for destinations. For example, if I want to go to a hot pot restaurant, I directly enter the name of the hot pot restaurant, such as “Chen Ji Shun He”, and the map will be The user provides a nearby address. But on the iDrive system of Gust, the opposite is true.

Taking the search for Chen Jishun and hot pot as an example, the search needs to go through an extremely long and complicated process of “navigation-destination search-points of interest-search near the current location-restaurants and bars-hot pot-browse restaurants”. If you need to check another destination again, you have to go through the same complicated round-trip steps.

Of course, you can use voice to control, but when I say “navigation”, the central control system will only jump to the first-level navigation menu, and then you have to manually operate it, and the voice recognition success rate is not high.

Button shortcuts can be set independently for radio and multimedia playback, fast access via hardware, and it is particularly convenient to use the knob to switch radio stations or tracks.

It is also worth mentioning that Rolls-Royce Ghost does not support carplay and carlife systems. Moreover, only passive search is supported when pairing devices with Bluetooth, and no search and pairing is actively performed. The system only keeps a list of the 4 recently connected devices, which is sufficient for normal use. However, if the fifth device needs to be connected, the user must manually delete one of them before the new device can be connected.

(2020 Rolls-Royce Central Control)

In general, the i-Drive intelligent central control adopted by Rolls-Royce is not as simple as the current popular entire touch screen, but it demonstrates Rolls-Royce’s understanding of humanity and honor, good intelligence The central control strives for convenience in driving, rather than buying a cedar and returning beads. For simplicity, it increases the complexity of the touch control, thereby sacrificing the convenience of operation during driving. Of course, it is undeniable that the navigation map function is a major criticism of i-Drive. The technological upgrade and iteration is the most pressing issue of i-Drive. This is why the BMW Group today is more keen on bundling Apple and supporting carplay. It’s hard to say that the navigation of 6 million luxury cars is not even as good as the domestic mobile phone of 1,000 yuan (USD $143) . Fortunately, the 2020 version of Rolls-Royce has decided to upgrade the entire series of i-Drive to support new functions such as carplay.


Rolls-Royce Ghost is equipped with a 6.6T twin-turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 571 horsepower and a maximum torque of 780 Nm. It adopts an EF 8AT gearbox and has a peak torque of 1500 rpm. It can get super power even at low speed, which is the charm of V12. (Rolls-Royce said that this engine has 80% torque output when idling).

Don’t think that Gust is the same as the Phantom. It is definitely a Rolls-Royce that can satisfy your driving pleasure, a younger, more energetic and more driver-oriented Rolls-Royce.

Accelerating from 100 kilometers to 4.9 seconds, although not very impressive, for a 2.4-ton super luxury car, it is enough to be called a “suit mob”.

Special order

This “there are no two Rolls Royces exactly the same in the world”.

The dignity of Rolls-Royce is also reflected in the ubiquitous customized service.

(Masonry car paint, picture source network)

In terms of body color, Rolls-Royce can even refine the color of dog hair through DNA or chemical methods and spray it on the car.

Once there was a car owner who asked for additional diamonds to embellish his phantom to make the car body more shiny, so Rolls-Royce really ground 1,000 diamonds and mixed them into the paint.

It is precisely because of the richness and personality of Rolls-Royce that Rolls-Royce has very few existing cars, and many models are out of stock. If you want to order a car, it usually takes half a year, if you want to make in-depth customization.

to sum up

Compared with the production version of luxury cars such as Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7 Series, Rolls-Royce is a production version of luxury cars that can refresh your knowledge. The inheritance and inherent nobleness are exactly The charm of Rolls Royce.

At present, the average age of Rolls-Royce car owners in the world is 47 years old, but in China alone, the number is only 39 years old. Nowadays, 20-30 year old car owners account for more than 20%. Rolls-Royce has to Make changes to cater to younger customers, which is why Gust will add more youthful, technological elements than Phantom, suitable for riding and more suitable for driving, just like Gust’s English name Ghost, maybe This is what Rolls-Royce wants to pursue-the soul.

As a young post-90s temperament, the director once called Rolls-Royce after-sales service and asked to change the body to silver or purple or light green, which is more dynamic, but there is no way. In the end, the owner did not agree.