Eleven outings in another way, QQ music long audio will take you around the world

The National Day holiday is about to begin. Many people during the November holiday this year did not travel around the world as in previous years, but chose to spend it at home. Therefore, QQ Music took a different approach. During the eleventh period, it launched the audio theme of "Traveling on the Bus. Traveling with Ears" around the theme of travel, bringing users a different sound journey. The topic includes three major sites: domestic roaming, international roaming and time-space roaming. There is no need to go out and crowded this holiday, and your ears can "lead" users to travel around the world and roam time and space online.

Eleven new ways to play, follow your ears to travel

The first stop, domestic roaming: travel stars as tour guides. In the theme audio program "My Hometown and Me" (produced by China Youth Daily China Youth Online) launched on QQ Music, people can hear hometown stories recorded by the soundtrack of 20 celebrities including Zhou Dongyu, Yang Mi, Zheng Shuang, and Li Weijia Like audio content, the big-name tour guides whispered all the way, letting the fans call it out! Yang Mi's Beijing accent, Duan Aojuan's Sichuan dialect, native stars use their most familiar dialects to talk about the history and future of each city , Lead the audience to "experience" the most authentic local life. Turn on QQ music, follow the celebrity tour group for an in-depth domestic tour, listen to the celebrities speak authentic dialects, and follow the ears to open the "star" vision!

The second stop, international roaming: The world is so big, I always want to see it. QQ Music Long Audio International Roaming Series Special "Seven Continents Parade" brings the audience a brand new experience of traveling around the world without leaving home. The best tracking guide of Aurora, the fancy steaming method of mulberry steaming in Finland, and many other gameplays that you can't see in the travel guide. This time, you can listen to the senior players with your ears and understand the uniqueness of each continent in their narration. The geographical features and humanistic life of the city allow the audience to travel around the world without leaving home.

The third stop, time and space roaming: the most special time and space roaming journey. To commemorate the 600th anniversary of the completion of the Forbidden City, a special public welfare audio program "Hello, Forbidden City-Hearing Your 600 Years" was recently launched on QQ Music. In the latest issue of the program, Zhu Yilong told users about the "collection madman" Qianlong and his "hidden treasure" cheats, which triggered extensive interaction and discussion. At the same time, the column of "Cultural Relics Traveling in Time and Space" in the special topic can also lead the audience to check in at the special museums of Shaanxi, Chongqing, Hunan and other places at once. It is no longer a dream to turn on QQ music and realize teleport shopping.

QQ Music keeps walking, from listening to music to listening to real life

As the most copyrighted music platform, QQ Music is more than just music. Whether it is charging knowledge, seeking a source of happiness, or reminiscing classic IP, the high-quality content that sounds good and fun is all in QQ music long audio. In addition to allowing users to hear more music, they can also hear the real life and world.

In every scene in life-it may be the morning when you are eager to be nourished by knowledge, it may be the afternoon of leisure and enjoyment, or it may be the night when you look forward to the story and say goodnight. When you open the window to listen to the world, QQ music can satisfy you Looking forward to the window and overlooking. The high-quality popular audio content on the head allows people to hear real sounds and real life in QQ music.

The beauty of the country is within reach, and the scenery of the seven continents can also be appreciated in the headset at any time. Wearing the headset, you can travel through time and space. 600 years are just a short time away. QQ Music's insistence on contributing high-quality content is consistent. At every time and in every space, it uses sound as the traction, leading users to open the window of the unknown world and hear the real world.