Embarrassing Honda's new Civic discontinued as soon as it went public: the reason is speechless

Honda launched a small facelift of the Civic overseas in October of this year. However, what people did not expect was that this new model was facing the embarrassment of stopping production as soon as it was launched.

A few days ago, according to foreign media reports, due to Brexit, Honda’s factory in the UK will close in 2021 after completing its 2020 production capacity. This move will put 3,500 workers in the factory at risk of unemployment.

Subsequently, the production capacity of the plant will be transferred to a local plant in Japan. The production of Civic hatchback and Type R models will be temporarily suspended until the relevant procedures are completed.

It is worth mentioning that the first batch of Honda Civic Type R, which was just launched in October, sold so well that they were all sold out. The company does not accept orders at present.

Of course, there will be production plans in the future, but from the news currently received, the British factory has no plans to produce the car in the final time of this year. This also means that both the Civic hatchback and the Type R will be transferred back to Japan for production.

The popular new car that just went on the market is facing discontinuation, which is a speechless news. Of course, the domestic version of the Civic hatchback should not be affected by the closure of the British factory. As for the red label Type R, just think about it.