"Enforced environmental protection"? Apple's official website also cancels the charger/headphone packaging for the old iPhone

IMobile phone home, I believe everyone has noticed the news on October 14th. Yesterday’s newly released iPhone 12 packaging box no longer comes with a random charger and earphones. Apple’s official statement is for environmental protection, and there are also smaller packaging boxes. Help reduce its transportation costs.

At the same time, after inquiries, it was found that on the official website including iPhone SE 2020, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, on the model purchase page for sale, the package content section also shows that these old models have also canceled the charger and headset in the package. This means that users who purchase old products on the official website will also be "enforced to be environmentally friendly." As for various third-party channels, there is no relevant news update, and dealers should still have a large inventory of versions with chargers and headphones.