Enterprise Check Announces Enterprise Patent List, OPPO Tops 9,000 Mobile Phone Circles

Recently, the People’s Bank of China’s corporate credit reporting agency, Enterprise Chacha, announced the TOP20 list of domestic corporate invention patents in the past five years. It can be seen from the number of patents on the list that all walks of life in China have been paying attention to technology research and development in recent years and have achieved significant results. Among the companies with mobile phones as their main business, OPPO ranks first and ranks among the top five in the country.

OPPO has been increasing R&D investment in the past few years. At the Future Technology Conference at the end of 2019, OPPO President Chen Mingyong also said that from 2020 to 2022, it will invest 50 billion R&D funds and continue to focus on technology research and development. In the field of mobile phones, OPPO’s charging technology has been leading the trend. Last year, the world’s first 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 super flash charging technology changed the charging habits of many people. This year OPPO launched the world's first 125W SuperVOOC 3.0 super flash charging technology and 65W AirVooc wireless flash charging, bringing the charging speed to a new area.

Among companies that also focus on mobile phones, Xiaomi has also successfully made the list, ranking 15th. However, the number of patents of Xiaomi is only 3639, which is still relatively large compared with OPPO, which has a patent number of 9985. This is also because OPPO has established a 5G communication technology standardization team since 2015 to prepare for the 5G network, and is now actively building a 5G IoT ecosystem. It will also release products such as smart TVs and Find X2 S10 limited editions on the 19th of this month.

As the most competitive market in the world, the domestic environment has also prompted major manufacturers to continue to carry out technological research and development, improve product strength, and bring a better experience to consumers. And these companies are not only limited to the domestic market. For example, OPPO has entered markets in Europe, Southeast Asia, India, Japan and other places, and has achieved good results locally. Judging from the current situation, other manufacturers, like OPPO, will gradually shine in the global market and realize economic globalization, so that consumers everywhere can see the strength of domestic high-tech products.