Equipped with 7nm Ryzen 7 4700U Acer Legendary thin and light metal notebook evaluation

Whether it is a young designer pursuing fashion, an urban white-collar worker, or a college student, besides performance, their requirements for notebook computers are more likely to be appearance, texture and portability, as the old-fashioned battle in this field. The Acer Swift series of thin and light notebooks are well recognized by the majority of users. Recently, we got the thin and light notebooks equipped with AMD Ryzen 7 4700U processor.

Speaking of AMD Ryzen series processors, this processor uses an eight-core design, the default frequency is 2.0GHz, the dynamic acceleration frequency is 4.1GHz, the performance is very good, and the 7nm process is leading, whether it is daily games or For large-scale post-work, this processor is capable of outstanding performance. Today we will take a look at the performance of the Acer legendary thin and light notebook equipped with this processor.

Appearance: Extremely thin and light metal body with excellent texture and workmanship

The Acer Legendary Light and Thin Notebook uses an all-metal body design. There is only one Acer brand logo on the entire A side. The entire appearance is very outstanding. The entire body is only 15.9mm, and the body weight is only 1.2Kg. Now that it is above 1.3Kg, this notebook is obviously thinner and lighter, with better texture.

In terms of screen, this thin and light notebook uses a 14-inch full HD screen, with the addition of IPS technology, which allows this screen to have a larger viewing angle, and the blessing of high color gamut, bright colors, and excellent display effects.

A narrow frame design is adopted on both sides of the screen to further reduce the size of the body. The appearance of the whole machine is similar to that of a traditional 13-inch notebook, and the screen-to-body ratio is also as high as 82.73%, which brings us great visual impact. Power experience.

In terms of keyboard, the keyboard of this notebook has a reasonable design of keyboard keystrokes and a good hitting feel. It is still very good for daily office typing. At the same time, the backlight design allows us to clearly see the keys on the keyboard when we use it at night. , Greatly improve our daily office efficiency!

In terms of security, there is a biometric fingerprint recognition module at the bottom right of the keyboard, which effectively protects our privacy.

The newly designed hinge can exceed 180° when turning the screen, which makes it convenient for us to share our screen content with others in more scenes, especially when multitasking concurrent processing and displaying key content.

In terms of interfaces, this thin and light notebook provides a headset interface and a USB 2.0 interface on the right side, and the power interface on the left side, a full-featured Type-C interface, an HDMI interface, and a high-speed USB interface, which basically satisfy most of us Needs for daily use.

Performance test: small size and big energy AMD Ryzen 7 4700U strong performance

In terms of processor, this thin and light notebook is equipped with the latest AMD Ryzen 7 4700U processor. It uses an eight-core design. The default frequency is 2.0GHz, and the dynamic acceleration frequency can reach 4.1GHz. The performance is very good. The integrated Radeon graphics card can deal with general online games and high-definition video without any problems.

CINEBENCH R15 software is a processor testing software based on the Cinema 4D engine, which can simultaneously test the processor subsystem, memory subsystem and display subsystem. Like most industrial design software, CineBench can fully support multi-core/multi-processor. Its display subsystem test is based on OpenGL. The unit of the test result is represented by "cb". The larger the value, the stronger the performance. Finally, we can see Acer The legendary multi-core score is 935cb, and the single-core score is 179cb. The performance is outstanding.

CINEBENCH R20 is a system CPU testing software, professional and easy to use. It can help us easily obtain CPU information and test CPU performance. Generally speaking, the higher the CPU score, the better your CPU performance. Due to the changed algorithm The content, score, and R15 are not universal. In this test result, the multi-core performance of the Acer Legend Ryzen Edition is 2453cb and the single-core performance is 473cb, which is excellent.

Decompression is a function we often use every day. Also for content creators, it may be necessary to compress and decompress materials frequently. These operations have higher requirements for the performance of the CPU. 7-ZIP is our performance Stable decompression software, use its benchmark test to better understand the performance of this processor. The final score of the final processor is 44525MIPS, which has excellent performance.

In addition, 3DMARK is our more common benchmark software for testing the performance of the whole machine. For this software, in various test items, Sky Diver has a processor score of 11184, which can run various online games smoothly and run daily. There is no problem at all with various software.

PCMARK10 is a common professional software for testing the overall performance of the whole machine. After our test, the final score of the whole machine is 4667. The performance can fully meet the daily office use, and the performance is excellent.

In terms of battery life, this notebook uses a 48WH high-density lithium battery. After our two-hour movie playback test, the screen brightness is medium, and the final battery consumption is calculated as 13%. The theoretical battery life of this notebook can reach 15.3 hours, the endurance performance is very good, far surpassing most of the current thin and light notebook computers on the market, leading the competition, providing users with a full day, allowing users to carry out content creation, copy editing, etc. anytime, anywhere.

In terms of storage, this notebook uses 16G DDR4 dual-channel memory with a read performance of up to 46357MB/S, which is excellent for daily use. At the same time, the hard disk uses a PCIe high-speed solid-state drive with a capacity of 1TB. The performance of 2316MB/S is in daily use. You can enjoy faster boot speed and application loading speed during use, and the daily experience is very good.

Written at the end : The Acer Legendary Ryzen Edition is a thin and light notebook with a pure metal body design, which is simple and elegant, and has a very good texture. At the same time, the 1.2Kg ultra-light design makes this notebook portable in the same type of product. It is very leading in China, not only that, this notebook uses the latest Ryzen 7nm high-performance Ryzen 7 4700U processor, the performance is very good, not only for daily applications, but also no problem in the large-scale later stage. In addition, this The notebook also has a terrifying battery life of about 15 hours, far exceeding the thin and light notebooks of the same type, and is very outstanding in terms of lightness and battery life! In general, this notebook takes into account both appearance and performance, and is suitable for white-collar workers and student party friends.