Equipped with independent display chip: iQOO Neo5 has a smooth game experience and excellent game display

On March 9th, 2021, @iQOO’s mobile phone official Weibo shouted “How dare to call a flagship display without a unique display”, revealing that the iQOO Neo5 independent display chip will significantly improve the smooth game experience and screen performance, and show visuals Display many advantages.

Thanks to the independent display chip, iQOO Neo5 will bring a smoother gaming experience and more vivid picture effects. iQOO Neo5 uses the MEMC motion calculation and compensation of the independent display chip to calculate the transition frame between the two frames of the game, and increases the game frame rate to 90 frames or even up to 120 frames, bringing a smoother gaming experience; with the help of an independent display chip It can also perform frame-by-frame color analysis on the screen display content, upgrade the ordinary SDR game screen to a similar HDR effect, realize the game All-HDR, make the game screen color more vivid, and improve the game screen quality.

iQOO Neo5 is equipped with a 120Hz high-brush AMOLED screen, supports HDR10+ certification, 1000Hz instant touch sampling rate, 1300nit local peak brightness, and a contrast ratio of up to 6000000:1. iQOO also performs color and consistency calibration on Neo5 screens, so that the color display of each screen is more accurate, so that every user can enjoy a unified and accurate visual experience. In terms of display function, iQOO Neo5 has two major functions: “Moonlight Screen” and “Sunshine Screen”, which achieves the leading display effect in all scenes; it also has a video super-segment function, and uses AI deep learning algorithms to restore low-resolution videos to high-resolution. Improve clarity.

The “dual-core flagship” iQOO Neo5 is confirmed to be officially unveiled on March 16. In addition to the independent display chip and the 120Hz high-brush screen, the new product will also be equipped with the Snapdragon 870, an enhanced version of UFS 3.1 and a memory fusion composed of “performance super body” 66W flash charging, 4400mAh large battery, and full coverage liquid cooling cooling solution system, etc., are all outstanding, such a new product is worth waiting for!