Equipped with the new cooling technology realme GT "not born for fever"

On February 23, MWC Shanghai officially opened. Realme appeared on the stage as a mobile phone brand participating in the exhibition, showing a new trend of technology style for the industry. Xu Qi, vice president of realme, delivered a speech at the conference, announcing that realme has created a “technological trend benchmark” in the mobile phone industry. At the same time, the new performance flagship realme GT that the market has attracted attention has also unveiled the mystery.

Image source: realme official poster

Since the Spring Festival, realme announced the release time and related information of the new product of Realme GT, which also made many friends look forward to the performance of this phone. And this time from Xu Qi’s speech, we can understand that in terms of heat dissipation, Real Self GT will bring a brand new black technology.

It has been confirmed that the realme GT will be equipped with the Snapdragon 888 processor, but from the feedback of Xiaomi 11 and other Snapdragon 888 processor products, heat dissipation will be a big problem. Realme GT brings a brand new black technology in terms of heat dissipation, which will not only allow Snapdragon 888 to perform well, but will also solve the “heat dissipation problem” of Snapdragon 888.

realme has tailored a new generation of 3D ultra-thin tempered liquid cooling technology VC Boost for Snapdragon 888. It adopts a new generation of steel-copper composite structure with dual optimization of material + structure, giving full play to the thermal conductivity of copper and bringing Higher strength. In addition, by optimizing the VC liquid cooling structure, the efficiency of water and gas circulation inside the VC is improved, and the heat dissipation speed is greatly improved. At the same time, this time VC Boost also reduces the thickness of the internal heat sink by 10%, making the thickness of the entire phone thinner.

Through such a set of 3D tempered liquid cooling technology VC Boost, Realme GT will be “the coolest 888 flagship machine.”

Realme GT is undoubtedly one of the most concerned mobile phones after the Spring Festival. Realme has also created such a performance flagship for young people. It not only has the best partner of Snapdragon 888, but also brings the design of God of War Special Edition. Leapfrog products with outstanding appearance meet everyone’s expectations for high-quality mobile phones. I believe that realme will bring us more surprises at the press conference next week.