Equipped with Zen3 Ryzen 5800U processor! HP war 66 fourth-generation AMD version opens pre-sale

Since HP launched the Intel version of the Z66 fourth-generation high-performance business notebook in November last year, many “AMD YES” fans have been looking forward to iterating the Z66 Ryzen version and upgraded to the Z66 fourth. As a Hewlett-Packard company that works closely with AMD, the previous generation of the Ryzen 4000 series mobile processor-based War 66 third-generation AMD version has been loved by many business users and has become a model for commercial use in this field. The pre-sale of the fourth-generation Ryzen version of the Dragon 7 5800U processor and the 66th generation Ryzen version will start on February 22 and will be released on March 1. Let’s take a look at the new products on the market, let’s take a look at the highlights!

Highlight 1: Ryzen 5000 series mobile processors based on Zen 3 architecture bring performance improvements

AMD launched the Ryzen 5000 series mobile processors based on the Zen 3 architecture at the CES 2021 exhibition. As the first batch of PC partners, HP and 66 fourth-generation Ryzen version business notebooks are equipped with this new generation of 7nm process. The technology is based on the Ryzen 5000U series of mobile processors based on the Zen 3 architecture. It is worth mentioning that this generation of processors uses the same new core layout as the desktop version of the Zen 3 architecture. It is based on a new cache topology design and performs CCX units. The upgrade has doubled its three-level cache, and all memory shares 16MB of three-level cache, its interaction speed is faster, and the performance is improved significantly.

HP and 66 fourth-generation Ryzen version up to the highest optional Ryzen 7 5800U mobile processor, 8 core 16 threads, maximum frequency up to 4.40GHz, three-level cache 16MB, thermal power design TDP15W~25W, integrated AMD Radeon 8 Graphics ( Renoir) graphics card can easily cope with the high-performance needs of creative work such as multi-tasking office and graphic image design. In terms of other hardware configurations, dual memory slots are provided, equipped with 16GB DDR4 3200MHz memory specifications, and storage can support up to 1TB solid-state hard drives, while meeting capacity and speed requirements.

Highlight 2: The narrow frame design on all sides makes the visual experience more outstanding

In addition to the substantial improvement in hardware performance, the new Zhan 66 fourth-generation Ryzen version uses a four-sided narrow bezel design on the screen, with a screen-to-body ratio of 87.5%, and the temperament is instantly improved. At the same time, the 14-inch IPS anti-glare screen also has 400 nits of high brightness, 100% sRGB high color gamut, and the content is still clear and visible without fear of bright outdoor light. In addition, the ultra-low power design of the screen as low as 1 watt, effectively extending the battery life, and supporting features such as 180° opening and closing, all make this notebook have an excellent visual experience.

In addition, the 88° wide-angle camera is retained at the top of the screen, and it is also equipped with the HP Noise Cancellation Software noise reduction solution. During business video calls, it can effectively reduce the noise in the surrounding environment and make voice communication clearer. In terms of privacy, a physical switch is added to the camera. When not in use, it can be completely blocked by simply turning it off, and there is no need to worry about personal privacy leakage.

Highlight 3: Metal body, compression and wear resistance, military quality without fear of harsh environments

In terms of appearance design, the Zhan 66 fourth-generation Ryzen version is consistent with the intel version. The A/C surface body is made of higher-strength aluminum alloy material, which is very textured, and also brings better compression and higher The abrasion resistance. The C-surface 3D integrated molding technology, no splicing design, prevents fine dust from entering the body, and the overall texture is more outstanding. As a classic business notebook, the Zhan 66 fourth-generation Ryzen notebook also passed 19 stringent military standards test certifications including drop, impact, high and low temperature environments, and can adapt to stable operation in various harsh environments. The quality is guaranteed, and you can use it at ease.

Highlight 4: Full-size ultra-quiet keyboard, comfortable and more efficient

This notebook is equipped with a full-size large-character keyboard, with a 1.5mm long keystroke, two-level adjustable backlight design, and the input experience is both hand-feeling and precise, which will definitely make your fingers fly. It is commendable that this keyboard also adds an improved rubber dome and anti-vibration hook technology under the keycap, which greatly improves the silent experience, and fast typing will not disturb colleagues. In terms of improving efficiency, this keyboard also provides a programmable button in the functional area. The function keys can be set through the HP Programmable Key APP. You can directly access the most frequently browsed website with one key, or open the designated common document with one key. , Common software, etc., reducing the cumbersome search in the desktop or resource manager, and the efficiency improvement is obvious.

Highlight 5: Rich business interface

The Zhan 66 fourth-generation Ryzen version maintains a rich business interface as always. The left side of the fuselage is equipped with an RJ45 wired network interface and a USB 3.1 Gen1 interface. In addition to the dedicated circular power interface on the right side, it also provides 1 USB-C 3.1 Gen2 interface, 2 USB 3.1 Gen1 (1 of which supports power-off charging), 1 HDMI, 1 headphone/microphone combo Interface, 1 micro SD card slot. Through HDMI+USB Type-C (DP) interface, three-screen linkage can be easily realized without switching equipment, which is the favorite of financial users, designers, and programmers. In addition, the Zhan 66 fourth-generation Ryzen version also supports the latest wireless WiFi 6 protocol. Compared with the previous-generation WiFi 5, both download speed and connection stability have been greatly improved, making mobile office seamless connection.


As a classic high-performance thin and light business notebook, the Zhan 66 series has unparalleled temperament and quality of other similar products. From appearance design, to user experience, and hardware performance, Zhan 66’s business attributes are all highlighting efficiency and safety. And other characteristics. Such as metal body, professional splash-proof keyboard, privacy-proof camera and fingerprint recognition, and in terms of after-sales service, 7×24-hour cloud online service, 2 years battery warranty, 1 year onsite repair, 2 years for individual users Limited warranty, paid upgrade to 3 years machine + door-to-door service (battery can be guaranteed for 3 years at the same time), 1 year accidental damage free warranty, etc., can be said to be more thoughtful and meticulous for users.

Pre-sale will start on February 22 for this Zhan 66 fourth-generation Ryzen notebook equipped with the new Zen3 Ryzen 5000U series mobile processor. The Ryzen 5 5600U version starts at 3699 yuan (USD $528) and the Ryzen 7 5800U version starts at 4599 yuan (USD $657) . , Officially launched on March 1. By making an appointment now, you can also enjoy interest-free payment for the 12th period of Jingdong Baitiao, and after receiving the product, you can post the evaluation and send the original package mouse. The quantity is limited. There are many surprises when you consult the customer service when placing an order. Hurry up and click the link below to buy!

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