Evaluation of redmibook air 13

With the development of the Internet, mobile light office has become a growing demand of consumers. In order to meet the growing market demand, many manufacturers have launched notebook products which mainly focus on portable and continuous life. Recently, the redmi brand has launched its first lightweight air series notebook, the redmibook air 13. The fuselage is as thin as 12.99mm and weighs only 1.05kg. It is like holding a magazine in your hand. And this new product is not compromised in experience, design, screen, performance, endurance and other aspects have excellent performance.


The body appearance of redmibook air 13 adopts the family design style of redmibook. The ultra light all metal body is in Amethyst gray color. The body adopts the rounded steel sand sand blasting process. The a side adopts the redmi classic logo design, which is simple and delicate in texture.

One of the highlights of this notebook is its portability. Compared with the weight of 1.05kg, the thickness of 12.99mm is even thinner than that of 1.05kg. The damping of the shaft is moderate. It supports the user to open and close one hand, so that you can meet the edge in various scenarios. Because of its extremely lightweight design, this product is totally free from the burden of use for girls. It can be easily carried and used in the bag.

Redmibook air 13 provides users with a larger screen view. Because of the narrowing of the left and right borders, the width of the border on both sides is only 3.35mm, which further improves the overall screen proportion, reaching 89%. The screen ratio of this product is 16:10, which can accommodate more display content.

In terms of display quality, the 13.3-inch screen is distributed with more than 4 million pixels, with a resolution of 2560 * 1600, reaching the retinal level and presenting rich details. It also supports 100% sRGB display standard, 178 ° ultra wide viewing angle, DC dimming eye protection without video flash, 1000:1 contrast and 300nits screen brightness, so that you can enjoy a rich and vivid visual feast when watching movies and playing games.

Performance experience

In terms of performance, the whole system of redmibook air 13 is equipped with the 10th generation core processor. The maximum version of i7 with four cores and eight threads can be selected. The maximum Rui frequency can reach 4.5ghz, and the maximum running memory can be 16GB. The multi task processing is more efficient. The whole system of solid-state hard disk is equipped with 512gb storage space to fully guarantee the data transmission speed.

On the premise of light weight and portability, redmibook air 13 also provides users with good use guarantee in terms of hardware. It is fully competent for light office needs such as files and pictures. The 512gb SSD can also meet the storage of large-scale video and games, and it is also competent for general video editing and light entertainment. Built in Wi Fi 6 wireless network card provides users with faster and more stable network connection. The redmibook air 13 is also equipped with a single fan dual air cooling system to keep you cool and touch.

As a notebook that focuses on light office needs, the use time is also a factor that users pay close attention to. The redmibook air 13 has an ultra long 12 hour battery life, which enables you to temporarily use the laptop without carrying power supply and get rid of the anxiety of using electricity. It supports 65W charging power, and the weight of its power adapter is only 100g. The plug is also carefully folded to facilitate storage.

In terms of interface, the redmibook air 13 is equipped with a 3.5mm headphone interface and two full-function type-C interfaces. The two type-C interfaces support charging output, data transmission and video output, and can support three screen display and double 4K video output. One specification interface can meet various application requirements.


The redmibook air 13 launched this time has excellent endurance and portability, which solves the most basic needs of users who often need to go out for mobile office. It is the same size and 1kg as a magazine It’s very convenient to carry when you go out. Even if you don’t plug in the battery, you can also take into account the needs of a day’s mobile office use, and let users say goodbye to the anxiety caused by low power. The 10 generation core, 16 + 512gb storage configuration can be said to have enough sincerity. If we often need to carry out light mobile office, and require more long-term endurance and lighter portable performance for the use of productivity tools, then redmibook air 13 will definitely be a choice worthy of recommendation.

Redmibook air 13 is available in three versions, including i5-10210y / 8g / 512g The official price of the version is 4899 yuan (USD $700) , the initial price is 4699 yuan (USD $671) , and the official price of i5-10210y / 16g / 512g version is 5199 yuan (USD $743) and the initial price is 4999 yuan (USD $714) . These two models will be sold in Xiaomi mall, Xiaomi home, Xiaomi Youpin, Jingdong, tmall, Suning and other channels at 0:00 on August 17, while the top i7-10510y / 16g / 512g version is officially sold at 5899 yuan (USD $843) and the initial price is 5699 yuan (USD $814) , which will be on sale in the near future.