Excellent 1,000 yuan (USD $143) gaming phone Redmi 10X starting at 1499 yuan (USD $214)

5G? Strong performance? It's still a dual-card 5G! Such a mobile phone is very expensive, right? Do not! Redmi 10X only costs 1499 yuan (USD $214) .

Redmi 10X uses the current strongest mid-range processor-Dimensity 820, as the current strongest mid-range processor, ran close to 400,000 points on the Antutu list. Therefore, the performance of Dimensity 820 is definitely the most powerful processor in the mid-range market.

In AnTuTu's running score, Redmi 10X's running score is close to 400,000 points, which is a very good result. In the current running score list announced by AnTuTu, it has repeatedly ranked first.

In addition, Redmi 10X also uses a liquid cooling system that is only equipped with high-end flagships to help mobile phones perform better. There is also an exclusive dual-engine optimization for the game, deep optimization of the image quality and the sampling rate of the screen touch, and you can play very happily without fear of various current games.

Redmi 10X uses a customized Samsung 6.57-inch water drop OLED screen, supports HDR10 display, peak brightness up to 800 nits, and 180Hz sampling rate bonus, so that this screen can be used for watching videos or playing games. You bring a better visual experience.

In addition to the excellent experience of the screen, Redmi 10X has also worked hard in other places, such as linear motors, 3.5mm headphone jacks, super linear speakers, etc. A series of configurations are fully considered by users and create better games. Experience.

And there is a dual 5G blessing on Redmi 10X, allowing you to stay online and play games without fear of disconnection. A smooth network allows you to better perform various activities.

Such a sincere Redmi 10X 6GB+128GB configuration now only starts at 1499 yuan (USD $214) , and there are more configurations for you to choose from, don't you really think about it?