Explosion! Mazda chuangchi blue sky compression ignition technology may appear in Chengdu auto show

Recently, Chang’an Mazda has released a preview map, in which the streets of Chengdu show the style of “X & rdquo;”, which seems to imply that Mazda’s skyactiv-x will officially appear at the 2020 Chengdu auto show, which will open on July 24.

This unique set of compression ignition power system has been equipped on the new generation Mazda 3 overseas. The Ministry of industry and information technology has also publicized the application chart of new cars, but it is still unknown when the new cars equipped with compression ignition power will appear and be sold in China.

Referring to the power of overseas new cars, the maximum power of chuangchi blue sky-x 2.0L engine can reach 180 horsepower and the peak torque is 224 n & middot; M. The new generation of chuangchi blue sky-x engine has Mazda’s unique & quo; spcci (spark ignition controlled compression ignition) technology, which can realize seamless switching between spark ignition and & middot; compression ignition, so as to improve power output and fuel consumption performance.

Due to the higher compression ratio, the thermal efficiency of the engine is also higher, and the fuel economy is further improved by 20% – 30% compared with the current skyactiv-g engine.

Although due to the domestic policy and the trend of the general environment, Mazda can not not develop electric vehicles. But it seems that Mazda’s obsession with internal combustion engines is too deep for them to give up.

Today, the fuel consumption of this generation of chuangchi blue sky-x engine will be 50% lower than that of the first generation of chuangchi blue sky, which is really black technology.