Exposure of Samsung's new folding screen: WiFi certification has been obtained, the lowest price in history!

Speaking of folding screen phones, Samsung should be the best in this field. Up to now, Samsung has launched three folding screen phones, including Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy Fold, and Galaxy Z Flip 5G. The fourth product, Galaxy Z Fold 2 will also be unveiled in September this year.

The four products mentioned above are all high in configuration and are geared towards the high-end market. Recently, it has been reported that Samsung is developing a cheap version of a folding screen mobile phone. At present, there is a Samsung mobile phone with a model number of SM-F415F that has obtained WiFi certification. You must know that Samsung’s folding screen phones start with SM-F, so this new phone with WiFi certification is likely to be a folding screen phone.

As for the specification information, according to foreign media SamMobile, this cheap version of Samsung’s folding screen phone supports dual SIM cards, and provides 64GB and 128GB storage specifications, with blue, black, and emerald colors. It also said that this cheap version of Samsung’s folding screen phone uses a top and bottom folding screen design, similar in appearance to the Galaxy Z Flip.

There is very little information about the phone at present, and no other configuration is known. As for the price, there is news that the price is less than 900 US dollars (about 6227 yuan (USD $890) ). This is much cheaper than the Galaxy Z Flip currently on sale, which is priced at $1,380 (equivalent to RMB 9,549).