Exposure that domestic mobile phone manufacturers are testing 160W fast charge: full charge only takes 10 minutes

Nowadays, mobile phones connect all aspects of our work and life, but as it has more functions and stronger performance, power consumption is also increasing day by day.

Today, when the battery technology of mobile devices has not made a big breakthrough, many mobile phone manufacturers have set their sights on fast charging technology.

Among the mobile phones that have been mass-produced, the highest charging power can reach 120W, and it only takes 15-20 minutes to fully charge.

Recently, the blogger @数码闲聊站 revealed that some domestic mobile phone manufacturers are testing a wired fast charge of about 160W, and the prototype takes less than 10 minutes to fully charge without trickle.

At the same time, he also broke the news that the 80W wireless tested by Xiaomi’s new flagship is in the verification stage. If it goes well, there is hope for mass production in the first half of the year. The current Xiaomi 11 wireless charging power can reach 50W, and it is expected that this technology is likely to be launched by the Xiaomi 11 Pro, which has not yet come out.

Earlier, OPPO also announced a series of latest fast charging technologies up to 125W wired and 65W wireless, and it supports the PPS protocol and has wider compatibility. I believe it will meet with us soon.

If these charging technologies can be successfully mass-produced and commercialized this year, and popularized, we believe that our mobile phone battery life experience will be greatly improved.