Exposure that iPhone 13 uses a full screen: no bangs and cancellation of Face ID

According to the latest news in the industry chain, the latest iPhone 13 mobile phone will cancel Face ID face recognition. This technology has been used for 3 or 4 years since the iPhone X technology. The follow-up due to the global epidemic eventually pushed Apple to cancel the technology. , And the first full screen is adopted.

曝iPhone 13或取消Face ID:屏幕刘海被抹平 四边框完全等宽

According to the news, the front of the iPhone 13 series will be more beautiful. It is not clear which way the iPhone 13 will hide the front camera, earpiece and a series of sensors.

The new generation of iPhone is expected to introduce under-screen fingerprint recognition, using Qualcomm's latest ultra-thin fingerprint recognition sensor. This technology was first exposed and released during CES 2021, and it may debut in iPhone 13.

曝iPhone 13或取消Face ID:屏幕刘海被抹平 四边框完全等宽

More news is that the iPhone 13 will be equipped with the LTPO screen provided by Samsung, which means that the screen refresh rate is expected to get rid of the traditional 60Hz and directly move to 120Hz.