Extend the use boundary of Apple Watch, come and see what features are available

I want to ask Xiao Hei: What are the most useful features of Apple Watch ? Xiao Hei will really be unable to answer for a while. Is health monitoring? Various smart Bands have this function even earlier than Apple Watch, and the battery life is stronger. Do you send and receive WeChat? The small poor screen can’t do much other than respond with an emoji or “OK”.

However, after contacting the following applications, Xiaohei can answer with confidence: Apple Watch is incense!

As a good partner on our wrist, Apple Watch has made a lot of effort in detecting our physical condition. The perfect application system also allows it to play a great role in our lives.

Whether it is work, life or study, it can be a good partner who accompanies us silently, allowing us to truly put down the phone and complete what we need to do immersively.

Apple Watch has built-in small functions to protect our tired brain

Before introducing those valuable applications in Apple Watch, Xiao Hei will first introduce the small function built into watchOS: breathing.

If you are an office worker who is facing the computer in the office all the year round, you can generally be classified as a mental worker. But for this group of people, a hidden health hazard that is easy to be ignored is often “accompanied” by your side for a long time, which is brain hypoxia.

According to medical research, under normal circumstances, the oxygen consumption of the brain accounts for 20% of the total body oxygen consumption, and the oxygen consumption of the brain during work will be 2 to 3 times higher than usual.

In this way, once the inhaled oxygen cannot meet the demand, the work efficiency of the brain will decrease, and memory and judgment will gradually weaken. This is why people feel groggy and even have headaches after high-intensity work or long overtime work.

So, how can I improve this situation between work? There are two methods: one is to go out from time to time to get some breath and relax (of course this is impossible), and the other is to take a deep breath every once in a while.

The breathing function on Apple Watch can be set on the paired iPhone. By default, the breathing reminder will appear twice a day, and the content of the notification page will be displayed on the watch.

According to Xiao Hei’s personal experience, one time will appear around the lunch break, and the other will appear around 4 pm. In addition to the reminder period, we can also manually start deep breathing when necessary. Of course, the reminder time for different users may be different.

After you start breathing, the powerful linear motor of Apple Watch will vibrate slightly when you need to inhale, and stop vibrating when you exhale. This allows Xiao Hei to use this precious deep breathing time to close his eyes and rest.

▲ User interface of deep breathing function

In the mobile phone, we can also set the number of daily breathing reminders and the breathing rate per minute. Of course, each deep breath lasts one minute.

After each deep breath, Xiao Hei felt refreshed, and concentration was no longer so difficult.

Of course, Xiaohei, the friends who have the conditions, still suggest that you can go to fresh air outdoor activities, or pour a glass of water, after all, Apple Watch also has a standing reminder function, and sitting all the time is not good for your body.

Put down your phone and let Apple Watch improve your work efficiency

As we all know, most people in modern society have a common hobby, that is, looking at mobile phones.

I look at my cell phone when I take the subway, I walk, I lie on the bed, and even when I need to do business.

At this time, the practicality of the Apple Watch is highlighted: we can throw the phone far away, and then use the small screen of the Apple Watch to properly manage our schedule.

In fact, most efficiency apps provide watchOS adaptation. They just fancy the Apple Watch’s low presence and high reminder capabilities, which escort us to manage our schedule and improve our concentration. Among many similar apps, Xiaohei chose two more popular apps for comparison, namely Flat Tomato and Sorted 3.

These two efficiency apps represent two aspects of efficiency improvement: concentration improvement and task management.

Flat Tomato is an application developed based on the “Pomodoro Technique”. It can coordinate our work and rest through simple settings.

After completing the settings, go back to the homepage and tap the screen, and it will always start to rotate. At this time, we can throw away the phone and start working regularly.

▲ Timing interface of Flat Tomato

At each time point, Flat Tomato will remind us through Apple Watch: it’s time to rest! Or it’s time to work!

▲ Flat Tomato rest reminder

Flat Tomato can also be started by tapping on Apple Watch, and the application will automatically start timing according to the set work cycle.

▲ Click the play button to start working cycle timing

So, since more functions are already available on the phone, why should we use it with Apple Watch?

The answer is: because when we start the work cycle on the mobile phone, apps cannot restrict our use of other apps on the phone. Therefore, the value of using Apple Watch is to be able to truly put aside the phone and not give yourself any peeking at the phone. Opportunity.

▲ Flat Tomato does not restrict the use of mobile phones at work

Of course, some friends will say: The way to really improve concentration is to cultivate concentration. That’s certainly true, but when we think back to our daily lives, do we often have the experience of just wanting to check a word or submit a report with a mobile phone, but can’t help but open the circle of friends and Douyin? So, no It is absolutely necessary to give yourself the opportunity to pick up the phone.

Sorted 3 is an application that helps us manage our daily affairs through task reminders. On the mobile terminal, it has a very rich function, we can create new task scheduling and schedule management through it.

▲ New interface of Sorted 3

Sorted 3 has a wealth of task tag options. We can also create new tags in the input box, which greatly facilitates our task classification.

▲ Sorted 3 label function

In addition, the diversity of reminding methods is also what attracts Xiao Hei.

▲ Sorted 3 has rich reminder types

On Apple Watch, Sorted 3 has also added more complete functions. Click the “+” button and add a description, a new task will be created. After that, we can click the generated task again, and we can also perform simple editing.

In addition, task management on Apple Watch is also very simple.

▲ Sorted 3 creation task interface on Apple Watch

Tasks created and managed on Apple Watch will be automatically synchronized to the mobile phone, which allows us to know what we have to do next without picking up the mobile phone.

However, the Apple Watch app of Sorted 3 does not yet have a task reminder function. You can only view the tasks currently created. The lack of this ability should be said to be regrettable.

The two apps mentioned by Xiaohei above are both free + in-app purchases, and Flat Tomato’s in-app purchases seem to have no effect on normal use of the app. Of course, in the App Store, there are more efficiency apps to choose from, and everyone can choose what they are used to.

From life to hobby, further expand the boundaries of Apple Watch

Health detection and task reminders are of course the Apple Watch’s specialties, but we must not forget that the ability to get information from the wrist is also good at Apple Watch. Based on this ability, we can also implement more functions on the Apple Watch. , Such as the most important sunrise/sunset tracking function for travel enthusiasts.

In the past few days, the App Store’s Apple Watch App selection has recommended an application that focuses on tracking the local sunrise and sunset time: Lumy.

Although I don’t seem to use this app very often when I go to work, Xiao Hei, who likes to drill into the mountains during holidays, still attaches great importance to it: beautiful sunrise and sunset clouds, with its hints, it is easier to catch up.

▲ Lumy’s application interface

From the Lumy interface, in addition to the sunrise and sunset times, we can also see the best viewing time for sunrise and sunset, which is simply a gospel for photography enthusiasts!

Lumy on the Apple Watch does not require any settings to use. You can see related information directly after opening it, and the UI design is more beautiful.

What’s more commendable is that Lumy on Apple Watch also integrates a compass and simple weather conditions. It takes all the aspects needed to shoot sunrise and sunset into consideration for you.

▲ Lumy on Apple Watch provides compass and weather information

In addition to tracking the trajectory of the sun, fast recording, calculation and other functions are also good at Apple Watch.

We can easily record notes in Cheatsheet by voice or handwriting:

▲ User interface of Cheatsheet

Or perform simple four arithmetic operations in the powerful PCalc:

Even exchange rate conversion can be done on your Apple Watch.

▲ Use Elk exchange rate app on Apple Watch

As for the English dictionary, conference recording, weather forecast, etc., these functions are not too much.

So, back to the question at the beginning: Which features of the Apple Watch are best to use? Now, Xiao Hei has a perfect answer. Although Apple Watch has such shortcomings (especially poor battery life), its weak existence, strong reminder, and the characteristics of lifting the wrist make this watch no longer just a watch, but an effective way between us and efficient life. bridge.

At this point, Xiaohei remembered the popular question again: Why does the Kindle still have a large audience when the mobile phone is so convenient? The answer is to do subtraction.

If you think about it carefully, Apple Watch is taking this path: since I can’t match the performance of mobile phones, then I will focus on health, efficiency, and basic information query, and become a stronger life assistant.

Among Xiao Hei’s friends, many of them feel that after buying Apple Watch, they find it useless except to watch the time.

However, Xiaohei always feels that for people who don’t need it, Apple Watch is really useless, just as many people still use iPhone 7 or Mi 6 bought a few years ago, and many people buy Kindle. It’s the same as bubble noodles. But for users who like to take photos with their mobile phones or users who like to read, iPhone 12 Pro, Kindle, or even Apple Watch can be a good tool to improve their abilities. “Make best use of everything” is the real meaning of saving.

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