Extremely dark technology, eye-catching new Sony TV spring new product launch

Now it is spring, and it is also one of the most intensive times of the year. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, offline conferences could not be carried out normally, so major brands have moved the stage to online, which also brings a somewhat unique experience to the simple and straightforward new product release link. At 7 pm on March 31st, the black tech boss Sony will hold the "Core" vision-Sony TV spring new product launch conference, officially announced the Sony TV 2020 new product matrix. This is the first time that Sony has taken the lead in launching new TV products in China. At that time, the press conference will be on Sony's official website, official Weibo @ Sony 中国 and JD.com ’s own official flagship store, Sony Tmall ’s official flagship store, Suning TV ’s official flagship store and various Big technology media platform for live broadcast, please do n’t miss the exciting content!

  1. Heavyweight guests help you experience the new Sony TV series

Mr. Takahashi Takahashi, Chairman and President of Sony (China) Co., Ltd., and Senior Vice President of Sony Group

At this press conference, a large number of heavyweight guests from different fields will come to the stage to help out. Mr. Takahashi Takahashi, Chairman and President of Sony (China) Co., Ltd. and Senior Vice President of Sony Group, will deliver an important speech, review the market performance of Sony TV over the past year and bring future product directions and strategies, leading everyone to reveal Sony TV 2020 one by one New "black technology" in spring.

At the same time, there was also Wang Ziru, the founder & CEO of ZEALER, at the conference. The techie with unique insights in the field of consumer electronics will talk to Mr. Zhou Zhenyu, product manager of Sony (China) home display product department, to explore the "black technology" and "black" with the audience in front of the screen through the real-time pre-empty experience. "where is it.

Whether it is audio and video black technology, or smart experience, Sony TV's new series is very worth looking forward to. At 19:00 on March 31st, lock up the Sony TV online conference and experience the magic of the new Sony TV products together!