Extremely light and thin + 44 million forward shots, vivo S7 presents natural beauty with strength

This year, vivo launched a variety of new products, and they have achieved good sales and reputation. Among them, the most popular among young users is the vivo S series mobile phones. In early August, vivo launched a new generation of S series models-vivo S7. The main feature of this machine is the selfie function. Compared with the previous generation, the vivo S7 has a greater improvement in hardware and software algorithms. On the other hand, vivo S7 has also achieved the ultimate in thin and light design, bringing a comfortable feel. In general, it can be regarded as a high-value selfie flagship.

Looking back at the previous generation of vivo S6, its 181g body has left a deep impression on the outside world, and this time the vivo is fully optimized. In terms of body design, the vivo S7 is designed to be extremely thin and light. Its thickness and weight are controlled to a very small 7.39mm and 170g respectively. Compared with the 5G mobile phones on the market that easily exceed 200g, the vivo S7 is very rare in design. It demonstrates vivo’s intentions and sincerity.

Since it is geared towards young users, it must be young. Vivo S7 is equipped with three trendy colors, jazz black, moonlight white and Monet’s diffuse color, and these three colors all use the AG matte process. This not only presents an excellent look and feel, but also brings a good grip feel. In addition, the vivo S7 is equipped with a Snapdragon 765G processor and supports dual-mode 5G. It can be said that this is one of the thinnest 5G mobile phones in the industry.

The biggest highlight of vivo S7 is its selfie function, which is also one of the most popular features among young people. Vivo S7 uses a new front lens module with up to 44 million pixels and f2.0 large aperture. It is worth mentioning that the front module also supports EIS anti-shake and ultra-wide-angle shooting, which is very easy for young users to go out to parties or take photos with friends and family.

In addition, the front camera module of the vivo S7 also uses the same PDAF autofocus technology as the professional camera. It can easily and quickly capture and focus, which can bring clear proofs and also capture the photos Makeup details, skin texture, etc. are clearly presented. In terms of software algorithm, vivo S7 uses the latest 5-fold super-texture beauty 3.0 technology, which can optimize the face shape, skin tone, face shape, makeup and other aspects of selfies, presenting a more textured and natural look Selfie effect.

It can be seen that, whether it is the body design or the selfie function, the vivo S7 brings users the high-level performance that a selfie flagship should have. Especially with such a rare selfie function, vivo has brought the industry’s top design in hardware and software algorithms, which is very rare at present. As for the price, the vivo S7 is priced at only 2798 yuan (USD $400) , and it also supports 24 interest-free installments, with a daily payment of only 3.8 yuan (USD $1) , which is very strong. For young people, vivo S7 is definitely a rare 5G mobile phone.