Eye-friendly color ink screen, Hisense 5G reading phone A7 CC version is only 2399 yuan (USD $343)

Do you like to read books? Will you use your mobile phone for a long time to scan Weibo, Zhihu and other software? If you are a mobile phone heavy reading enthusiast, then you must know how much damage to your eyes after using your phone for a long time, but you often can’t help but want to refresh the screen, what should you do? For users who like to read on mobile phones, Hisense has launched the 5G reading mobile phone A7CC with electronic ink screen technology. The optimized customized electronic ink screen not only has a look and feel comparable to paper books, but also supports color display, making it not only applicable Reading, Weibo, Zhihu and other reading communities are not a problem.

Compared with the previous generation of color ink screen phone A5 Pro, Hisense 5G reading phone A7 CC version has been upgraded in many aspects. The screen size has been upgraded to 6.7 inches. At the same time, the design is more streamlined and brings better grip. Feel. In addition, the volume button on the side of the Hisense 5G reading phone A7 CC has a new “red line” design, which makes the phone look more intelligent. The back cover is made of AG matte technology, which is non-slip and fingerprint-proof and feels more comfortable.

In addition to the appearance upgrade, the Hisense 5G reading phone A7 CC also has a huge improvement in the screen. It adopts the second-generation printed electronic paper technology and changes the arrangement of the color filter RGB pixels from 3*3 to 3*2. The matrix arrangement makes the RGB pixels more compact and has a smoother effect when displaying colors. Compared with the previous generation of A5 Pro, the ink fineness is increased by 50%, and the color space is increased by 50%, bringing an overall upgraded viewing experience.

Of course, as a mobile phone, Hisense 5G reading phone A7 CC is just like the model, using a new generation of Ziguang Zhanrui Tiger Ben T7510 5G chip that supports 5G networks, with stronger computing performance and processing speed, and can easily cope with various Use of reading software. At the same time, it also supports SA/NSA dual-module network, fully supports domestic mainstream 5G frequency bands, and comes with seamless switching between 5G and 4G, which automatically switches networks in the case of poor 5G networks, so that the reading experience is not affected.

In addition, Hisense 5G reading phone A7 CC also supports dynamic refresh mode, which effectively reduces the problem of interface content sliding and e-ink screen flickering during text input, and is optimized for application interfaces so that all application backgrounds will be automatically adjusted to white, so There is no longer any abrupt feeling when switching between applications.

The battery life has also been upgraded. The 4770 mAh battery and the 18W fast charging make it a very good battery life experience, enough to meet the needs of commuting. Such a multi-functional mobile phone can be called an artifact for reading enthusiasts, and Hisense 5G reading mobile phone A7 CC is only priced at 2,399 yuan (USD $343) , which is quite cost-effective compared to high-end e-book readers.