Farewell to APK Google announced that Google Play will unify the new application format of AAB from August

We know that Android applications are presented in APK format.

The full name of APK is Android application package, which means “Android application package”. It is an application package file format used by the Android operating system to distribute and install mobile applications and middleware.

To run on an Android device, the code of an Android application must first be compiled and then packaged into a file that can be recognized by the Android system before it can be run. This file format can be recognized and run by the Android system. It is “APK”.

Now this format will be replaced, according to Android Authority reports, Google announced that the AAB format will replace the Android APK.

It is reported that Google launched the new AAB format in 2018 (the full name of AAB is “Android App Bundles”), and Google claims that this new format will make application files smaller.

Among the millions of applications on Google Play, thousands of applications have taken the lead in following up the AAB format.

Now Google has announced that AAB has officially replaced the Android APK. Starting in August this year, all new applications submitted to the Google Play Store must adopt the AAB format.