Farewell to the cloud platform and keep away from rollovers: Huawei nova6 series EIS intelligent anti shake video blockbuster

Modern young people use their cell phones to take pictures and take short videos to share with friends, micro-blog, jute and other social platforms. The behavior of the social platform is normal. Compared with the middle aged people who are rude and rude, they do not have any aesthetic video content. Young people prefer to use the later stage to beautify their own video.

They usually use the mobile phone localization AI video clip function to cover a layer of filter for their videos, and then add some special effects, transitions and other later stages. The purpose of doing this is nothing more than one, making the video appear different, and highlighting their own artistic cells.

Here, Xiaobian can’t help but recommend you a Huawei nova6 series mobile phone with 4K high-definition video recording in front and back. With it, it can easily record 4K picture quality video in front of the 32 million auto focus lens (nova6 5g) in front, whether it’s the close video viewing red number or the movie ticket stub and other scenes that need to record details. With the ryy b super sensitive sensor and EIS intelligent anti shake technology, Huawei nova6 series also supports 4K 60fps super sensitive video recording with high frame rate, high sensitivity and high dynamic range. The video shooting experience is simply amazing.

In the face of all kinds of sports, boat riding, horse riding and other violent shaking scenes, no matter how powerful the later stage is, it is impossible to rescue the shaking pictures taken by mobile phones. Some people may think of using the combination of PTZ + mobile phones to solve the problem. However, Huawei’s popular nova6 series can save young people the cost of buying cloud platforms directly. Because even in the face of severe shaking scenes, the EIS intelligent anti shake technology supported by Huawei nova6 series can bring young people a stable shooting experience.

EIS intelligent anti shake technology is to dynamically adjust ISO, shutter or software to make fuzzy correction by detecting the jitter of the fuselage. When we use mobile phones to shoot video, the resolution is often thousands of miles less than that of taking photos. This is mainly because when people walk or breathe, their arms would have different vibration effects. If there is no stable equipment or technology, a bit of shaking will be recorded, and the final rendering effect will often have a very bad visual sense, and the video quality will be seriously reduced. And a Huawei nova6 series mobile phone can solve such problems.

The new EIS intelligent anti shake technology is very useful in high-speed mobile video recording scenes. For example, in the more violent sports scenes such as skateboarding, skating and Parkour that young people like now, if you use ordinary mobile phones, whether you shoot with your own hand-held mobile phone or ask for help from a small partner while shooting with your own mobile phone, the video you finally shoot will not only shake violently, but also lack many details, unable to show your cool sports scenes.

Take vlog shooting when young people usually play in the amusement park as an example. If they don’t use the EIS intelligent anti shake technology of Huawei nova6 series when riding a carousel, mini roller coaster or bumper car with their small partners, they are likely to use other mobile phones to shoot Videos & ldquo; on-site rollover & rdquo. With Huawei’s nova6 series, with the support of EIS intelligent anti shake technology, even if you shake your limbs with the shaking of equipment such as carousel and roller coaster, it won’t hinder shooting, and the picture is still stable.

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For example, riding a horse, camel, boat or even helicopter while traveling, Huawei’s nova6 series EIS intelligent anti shake technology can make young people bid farewell to the platform. In any scene, without the help of the platform, they can record relatively stable 4K level high-definition pictures.

In addition, Huawei’s nova6 series also supports 4K high-definition professional delay photography. This function can manually set the shooting interval and duration. Using Huawei’s nova6 series, young people can take pictures of the track traces of cars on the city road; they can also take pictures of the brilliant scene of the stars changing and the spectacular scene of the rising sun in the East.

Huawei nova6 series rear lens combination, including 40 million super sensitive main camera (ryy b super sensitive sensor light input increased by 40%, 1 / 1.7 inch sensor imx600), 8 million pixel 3 times optical zoom lens and 8 million pixel ultra wide angle lens. As long as there is creativity, the series of post super sensitive image system can meet the needs of any scene shooting.


With the increasing popularity of users, Huawei nova6 series has become the best thing for young people to start with in 2020. It is only sold for 3199 yuan (USD $457) . It not only has a powerful rear camera combination, but also has a rich self shooting function such as 105 & deg; super wide angle self shooting. It supports 5g dual-mode dual card all Netcom. In this year of mouse, young people will start their own fashion life.

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