Faster than NFC, Samsung’s new technology will eliminate data lines?

Recently, @ Saudi Android, an overseas source, announced that he learned from a channel that Samsung will launch a new technology. The technology, which will be named uwp, enables mobile phones to transmit data at extremely high speed without data cable and network connection, which is much faster than NFC, the near-field contactless data transmission technology currently used. It is reported that the technology will be used in the upcoming note 20 series, and several brands will follow up on the technology.

However, the details of Samsung’s uwp technology are not clear at present. If the transmission speed of Samsung’s uwp can reach or close to the data line transmission speed, the application prospect of this technology is obviously very wide. In the near future, we should be able to see the non porous design of mobile phones. In fact, Apple has proposed a non porous design of the iPhone, and applied for a related patent. However, Apple’s solution is not near-field data exchange technology, but a non hole contact data line. From the perspective of convenience, uwp technology without data line is better.

Uwp technology combined with today’s rapid development of wireless fast charging technology, will achieve a real wireless supporting solution, then the data line may become a historical term in the field of mobile phones. However, uwp technology is obviously flawed, such as the need for a corresponding receiver device, and the hardware cost of uwp technology is not clear at present, but it is basically certain that in the future, we can only see this technology on flagship mobile phones.

As the first uwp technology, the note 20 series will be equipped with snapdragon 865 plus processor and Orion 990 processor. In order to maintain the same performance, the Orion 990 carried by note 20 series will be an optimized version with better performance and power consumption. In addition, the note 20 series will adopt two kinds of design: straight screen and curved screen, and the resolution and refresh rate will be different. However, it can be predicted that a new Android player will be released soon.