Faster than the 10-core iMac Pro! M1 chip MBP video editing comparison test

How strong is the performance of the Mac with the new M1 chip? This should be where everyone is most interested in the three new Macs released by Apple. At present, MacBooks equipped with M1 chips have gradually arrived in the hands of users, and there are also a lot of running scores and test data online so that we can find out.

According to a video editing comparison test of the new MacBook Pro and iMac Pro shared by the photographer @ Sydney顾俊, Apple did not brag at the press conference. The actual performance of the M1 chip is even better than the 10-core in the video editing scene. iMac Pro is even more powerful.

In terms of configuration, the photographer @ Sydney顾俊’s new MacBook Pro is equipped with 8+256GB of memory, while the iMac Pro has 10 cores + 128GB ECC memory + Vega 56 alone. When playing the same 8K video recorded by Canon EOS R5, the iMac Pro with more than 50,000 yuan (USD $7143) can not be played smoothly with a stutter, but the MacBook Pro equipped with the M1 chip can play almost smoothly without stutter.

When editing video, whether it is H.265 or H.264, the MacBook Pro equipped with the M1 chip can abuse iMac Pro, and even when rendering the same h265 Canon 10bit 422 8k video, iMac Pro used 2 points. 47 seconds, but the MacBook Pro equipped with the M1 chip only took 1 minute and 02 seconds. At the same time, the fan of the MacBook Pro hasn't started yet. This performance is indeed very "non-military.

Of course, in view of the fact that the 8G memory of MacBook Pro is too small, when using Final Cut Pro, if there are too many materials in the timeline, there will still be lag. If you upgrade to 16G memory, perhaps the performance of MacBook Pro Will be stronger.

In addition, the running score selection of the new M1 chip MacBook Pro is also exposed online. In the actual measurement, under the Cinebench R23 running test, the MacBook Pro multi-core and dual-core scores were 7783 and 1493 respectively, surpassing many high-end Intel chips. It is not difficult to see that the performance of the M1 chip is indeed very capable.