FF announced that three political and business people have joined the Strategic Advisory Committee

On February 22, according to the news released by “FaradayFuture” WeChat account, Jiang Junhui, Ian Rogoff and Margaret “Peggy” Taylor joined its strategic advisory committee as three new members. So far, the Strategic Advisory Committee will provide advisory support to FF from multiple perspectives such as marketing and business models, and fundraising strategies.


“We are honored that these three respected diversity leaders have joined us. They are in line with our company’s vision and will help FF in the future development stage.” FF Global CEO Dr. Carsten Breitfeld said. “The advisory committee can bring external perspectives, new creative ideas and rich industry experience to FF. They will help FF realize its mission and strategic goals, and provide suggestions for improvement to enhance our business.”

According to the official introduction, the advisory committee will be the staff of the key elements of FF business (such as fundraising, publicity and product planning). As leaders in their respective fields, the Strategic Advisory Committee will help ensure that FF’s products, technologies and business strategies are fully demonstrated and guided before being released to the public.