Finally, when your wechat circle of friends has a new function online

Many functions on wechat are constantly improving. In addition to the “take a pat” function, Tencent has added a very useful function to delete friends’ comments in their circle of friends.

Before, many users were looking forward to the friends’ circle to delete friends’ comments. Before that, if you want to delete a comment, you have to use the whole circle of friends. Now in the circle of friends, you can long press a friend’s reply and delete it. After deleting, others can’t see it. The person who posts the comment will display “the comment has been deleted”.

This function only applies to the IOS version of wechat 7.0.15, and Android version of wechat 7.0.17 has no delete button. You can only see the “comment has been deleted” prompt, but it should be online in subsequent versions.