Find X2 Pro 5G flagship, not only 120Hz ultra-sensitive screen

When buying flagship phones, we tend to focus on performance, camera and other configurations. But unknowingly, the screen has gradually become the main competition area of flagship mobile phones. The recently launched OPPO Find X2 Pro won the screen rating of DisplayMate A +, an authoritative evaluation agency, and became the focus of global consumer attention.

Regarding the screen, the most recently mentioned keyword is the refresh rate. The biggest advantage of a high refresh rate is to make the picture smoother. It improves the experience more intuitively than the core performance upgrade. Find X2 Pro with an ultra-high refresh rate of 120Hz brings users an extremely smooth screen experience. Many users have stated that when they get used to 120Hz and then return to 60Hz, they will obviously feel the frame drop phenomenon. High refresh rate, you can't go back after using it.

But as an all-round 5G flagship, the advantages of OPPO Find X2 Pro can be more than 120Hz. In recent years, mobile phone screens have become larger and larger, but the resolution of most mobile phones is still at the 1080P stage, which lacks clarity. The Find X2 Pro is equipped with a QHD + (3168 * 1440) screen. More importantly, QHD + can be turned on at the same time as the 120Hz ultra-high refresh rate. It is currently a rare model that combines high refresh rate and high resolution.

In addition, the 10-bit color depth has upgraded the color of this screen from the traditional 16.7 million colors to 1.07 billion colors, a difference of 64 times. The benefit of rich color is that it can make the color transition smoother and more realistic, and it can fully restore the original appearance of pictures or videos. To match it, the rear camera of the Find X2 Pro adds real-time HDR video shooting, and directly uses a 10-bit record screen, bringing infinitely close-to-natural movie-quality shooting quality.

When it comes to video, I have to mention the excellent viewing experience of Find X2 Pro. Find X2 Pro supports a refresh rate of 120Hz, but most videos on the market today cannot reach this value, and many of them are around 30 frames.

Does this mean that high refresh rates are difficult to play when watching videos? Not for Find X2 Pro. Find X2 Pro is equipped with MEMC dynamic frame insertion technology commonly used in professional display devices, which can increase the frame rate of ordinary videos to 60 or even 120 frames, and enjoy high-quality smooth video effects. In addition, Find X2 Pro also has oversized dual stereo speakers, which has achieved industry-leading sound quality.

With the popularity of 5G and new Wi-Fi technology, both pictures and videos will become clearer and color quality will be higher in the future. Only when the screen is good enough will the rich details in the picture be smoothly transmitted to our eyes. Find X2 Pro is a product that can meet these needs. The powerful screen quality and a more complete high frame rate experience make it an excellent movie viewing tool.