Find X2 Pro night shot real DxO first place is not false

Since the launch of the Find X2 series, it has been hotly debated by consumers. Many friends are deeply attracted by its "3K + 120Hz" ultra-sensitive screen, but the Find X2 series is not just powerful. Find X2 Pro won the first place in the DxO image ranking with 124 points by virtue of its super three-camera camera system, and its image level ranks first-class, which confirms the positioning of "All-round flagship".

This year's Find X2 series uses a rear three-camera design, but even with only three cameras, the camera strength is not inferior to other four- and five-camera phones on the market. Among them, the main camera of Find X2 Pro uses Sony IMX689 custom sensor, and also uses the friend's flagship IMX586 as an ultra-wide angle. With a periscope telephoto lens, it achieves 120 ° ultra-wide angle, 10x hybrid optical zoom and 60. Digital zoom. At the same time, it also has dual OIS image stabilization and 12-bit ultra-high-definition image acquisition technology, achieving multi-directional breakthroughs in mobile phone shooting. The Find X2 Standard Edition uses IMX586 as the main camera, with IMX708 and telephoto lens for video, which has a more balanced and excellent performance in taking pictures and videos.

The Sony IMX689 sensor on Find X2 Pro has a size of 1 / 1.43 inches and is the largest sensor in the 48MP mobile phone camera. With the support of 4-in-1 pixels, the unit pixel size is up to 2.24μm, which has completely improved the lens. The photosensitive area and sensitivity. With the help of this camera, combined with the composite multi-frame noise reduction technology developed by OPPO and the night scene algorithm covering the three-photo full-focus segment, a new Super Night Scene 3.0 was brought.

Night scene

Super wide-angle night scene

5x zoom night scene

In this mode, not only has a clearer and brighter night scene imaging capability, but also super wide-angle, multiple zoom night scene shooting. From the proofs taken in real shots, the Find X2 Pro's night shot quality is very bright and clear, and the white balance has maintained excellent consistency, and after switching the ultra-wide angle and telephoto at will, Both maintain extremely high image quality, enhancing more gameplay and creativity for night scene shooting.

Find X2 Pro also adds a six-channel color temperature sensor on the back, which can sensitively sense the color temperature of the environment, ensuring that the three-shot photos have a consistent white balance and accurate color reproduction. In addition, the custom main camera also supports hardware-level dual-native ISO. It automatically switches the appropriate sensitivity for low-light and high-light scenes. It suppresses noise in dark light to make the imaging clearer, retains details and enhances dynamic range and color performance in high-light. .

Find X2 Pro has such a powerful strength with just three cameras. It is surprising that DxO's number one ranking is its best proof. In terms of screen, camera, 5G, and charging, the Find X2 Standard Edition and Find X2 Pro are far superior to other flagship phones, and deserve to be the 2020 Android King. At present, these two products are participating in 24 interest-free offers. On average, they can experience a first-class flagship experience at an average of 7.4 yuan (USD $1) per day. There is no reason to refuse.